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In March of 2009,  Nina Fessbeinder and Lucyann Boa had the idea of starting a blog about virtual fashion, since basically the only thing they did while they were online was shopping and talking about fashion, both rl and sl. Over time ( and because of RL setbacks) they decided to add two more friends to help updating the blog. There time the team had four girls: Nina Fessbeinder, LucyAnn Boa , Angelllina Tedeschi and Carolina Sautereau. Carol left sl-à-porter to get herself exclusively dedicated to her own blog and Angel stopped blogging, later SerinaJane Loon joined the girls to help with the updating thing sometimes.


If you like our style and want us (or one of us) to review your store, just drop us a folder or a box with the products you want us to review and a notecard with your name and all the information that you want to be mentioned on our blog. As soon as we can the itens will be blogged.
But this is very important to remember: we reserve ourselves the rights of blogging only the items that fits our own style, so please don’t be upset if you don’t see the items sent here, it is nothing personal.
Thank you for your patience and support, it is much appreciated!

Thank you very much for visiting this page, anything you want to know, you can leave a comment here or drop us a nc.





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