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More Manga Fair preview and Summerfest items!

avatar 111_002 SMALL_Fotor

avatar 111_001_Fotor SMALL_Fotor

hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Marise-Fatpack by Ikira Frimon (New – Manga Fair)
head: *DC*_Head(Non-Rigged)_Kyoko by cocoro Lemon (NA)
body: *COCO*_Doll_Body by cocoro Lemon

dress: Ambrosia Mesh:Vintage satin dress[MF_black] by Sherry Otsuka (New – Manga Fair)
boots: BAX Ankle Boot Black Patent by Bax Coen (very old item – boots with invisible prim)

headband: PANTSU*HUNTER imp maid .noire. by tsurine Resident (New – Manga Fair)
choker: OuTRage! – Cameo Choker by Delayne Baarbosa (NA)
cuffs: .:Buttery Toast:. In the name of cats – Black Cuff by Faylinn Erin (New – Manga Fair)

pose: (marukin) [vermillion] fiction by Valencia Southard

cards: [MAGIC NOOK] Vaudeville Poker Rain / Attachment by Ayumi Cassini (former Designers United item, NA)
throne: Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations Naughty Bunny Throne by Zevyah Resident (former hunt gift)
plants: Sway’s [Alice] topiary . cards D by Sway Dench (New)
flamingos: !Ohmai: Flamingo D (Rez) [Coral], !Ohmai: Flamingo G (Rez) [Coral], !Ohmai: Flamingo C (Rez) [Coral] by Anya Ohmai (New – Summerfest 2014)

wall texture: [K.O.] Shabby Walls #7 by Khan Omizu
floor texture: [D] Wood 38 by Jewell Lamourfou

Manga Fair Poster - Updated_Fotor

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