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Hello, I am blogging tonight to talk about Summerfest’14! It openned yesterday, on June 22nd and it is filled with awesome and fun items for summer in our vitual world!
The land it very cute, i love the decoration there, showcasing the items! I felt like i was in Buzios, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), so i felt like home!
It is my first time there and i did two posts showing some of the items that you can find on Summerfest’14! I hope you enjoy the posts and i will be blogging more of the event on this weekend!

Here (post 1) and here (post 2) are the direct links to my previous posts and bellow are the folder, the map, the event landmark and the event flickr group!
Enjoy the event! ❤

Summerfest14 Teaser


Landmark: TP to Summerfest’14

Flickr group, see what bloggers, costumers and designers are sharing with us! link here, click

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