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wknd n38


These are the credits from my previous post set, if you want to the previous post, click <>

home 7_001 small_Fotor

home 7_002 small_Fotor

home 7_003 small_Fotor

house (edited): ST’s Forest Sweet cottage by sakurakiss Akina (lucky board – no copy)
plataform: mmgs Ground–Huge prim 30.5m(32x32x2)_[plaster] by masomaso Quan
windmill: :: rucott :: Windmill (S) by Ruki Ragu
fences: 8f8 – 31. Vintage Fence by 8f8 Resident (June Arcade gacha)
stone walkway: Pirate Graveyard stone walkway (1 prim) by Aley Resident (Free on Marketplace)
car: R-Production – Isetta V5 by rems57 Resident (free on Marketplace)

tree 1: HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 2A by sasaya Kayo
tree 2: [[[nocc.]]] dead tree_yellowgreen by nocco Oldrich
tree 2: Botanical – T2C Linden XSmall A [c] by Kriss Lehmann
grass: [we’re CLOSED] grass field lush by Wendy Xeno
flower 1: (Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06 – pink*b by sasaya Kayo
flower 2: (Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06 – white*a by sasaya Kayo

home 7_004 small_Fotor

home 7_005 small_Fotor

screen (edited): [ARIA] Aurora Blind-Static by Yelo Uriza
sofa 1: Soy. Vintage pipe sofa (leather) by soyoy Resident (New – June Kustom9)
sofa 2: Soy. Vintage pipe sofa (plaid) by soyoy Resident (New – June Kustom9)
coffee table (it comes with the ashtray): [mdrm]wood-lo table by naonao2 Ellils
joint: .:NsB:. CANNABIS Smoke set (transfer) by Emilie Freund
food set: ISPACHI – Love to Decorate Group Gift (Burger Meal) by Andred Qinan (gift for Love to Decorate group, maybe it is still available)
plant: .:NsB:. BAMBOO Vase 1 by Emilie Freund
white cooler: Soy. Cooler box (white) by soyoy Resident (New – June Kustom9)
silver cooler: Soy. Cooler box (Sup tin) by soyoy Resident (New – June Kustom9)
beer: Taiwan Beer2 (Wear) by Sken McCaw

home 7_006 small_Fotor

kitchen: b.v Kithen (natural) by ichi swansong
shelf (edited): b.v. Hanging Shelves (White) by ichi swansong
toaster: b.v Toastter (white Rust type) by ichi swansong
fridge: Charming Country Kitchen old fridge by Elle Kirshner

dinning set: -Hanaya- XIO Table and Chairs by Moriko Inshan (former umbrella hunt gift)
pizza: [Neurolab Inc.] SPACE PIZZA V.1.4 by Ono Zinner (free on Marketplace)
set of beers: *cariocca* cervejas de bar by Claudinha Akina (free)

home 7_007 small_Fotor

home 7_008 small_Fotor

home 7_009 small_Fotor

bed: [*Art Dummy!] to sleep. (platform bed w/ drawers light wood) by Gala Charron (former the seasons story gacha)
food set: Sway’s [Breakfast around the World] Lyon.FR by Sway Dench (June Acade gacha)
door: Soy. old glass door B (light wood) by soyoy Resident (New – June Kustom9)
chair: [mdrm]bend wood chair by naonao2 Ellils
radio: CHABINNS tasuku RADIO!!! by Robinn Magic
white rug: Soy. Rug (natural) by soyoy Resident (New – June Kustom9)
orange rug: Soy. Rug (retro orange) by soyoy Resident (New – June Kustom9)
wal art: HIDEKI – TCF Gift – Wall Art by Hideki Carami (past the chapter four gift)

home 7_010 small_Fotor

desk: [*Art Dummy!] reverie. (wall mounted desk) by Gala Charron
chair: [mdrm]pool side chair[white] by naonao2 Ellils
books: Kirin – Back to School Pose 1 by Carolina Sautereau
cactus: Cactus – Saboten-Hiruneya by Nap Mayo
laptop: {what next} Nieve Bed Laptop for owner by FrankLee Anatra
cat: *SHOP SEU* 1prim anim cat -gray- by seu Ahn
lamp: ANE SLON SET – Floor Industrial Lamp (4Li) RARE by Anemysk Karu (June Arcade gacha)

home 7_011 small_Fotor

rug: *Y’s HOUSE* Rug_Linen003(MUJI)_a by yacchan Clip
ushion: couverture*chocolate room’s Cushion ::Special Gift V.2 by chocolate Arashi (former gift)
plant: Green Orchid GIFT by Terasum Resident (free on Marketplace)


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