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wk n23


outside 1

outside 2

outside 4

outside 3

house: L2 STUDIO Tarrytown House 72 li by Lindini2 Lane
ground: *~MMG’s~* Ground–Huge prim 30.5m(32x32x2)_[plaster] by masomaso Quan
walls: *~MMG’s~* Garden wall-Huge prim 30m [plaster] by masomaso Quan
fences: 8f8 – 31. Vintage Fence by 8f8 Resident (New – June Arcade gacha)
pier: *~MMG’s~* Landing pier_2prim-gray by masomaso Quan
flower 1: (Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06 – pink*b by Sasaya Kayo
flower 2: (Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06 – white*a by Sasaya Kayo
tree: HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 2A by Sasaya Kayo

garden 1

bench: [mdrm]1p bench[yellow] by naonao2 Ellils

garden 2

garden 3

able and chairs: Frogstar – Pietro Patio Table (Mixed) by Ravenna Rossini (New)
cake: Aphrodite Victoria sponge cake with dome by Marina Ramer (New)
biscuits: Aphrodite assorted cookies platter by Marina Ramer (New)
coffee 1: Aphrodite Irish coffee cup decorative by Marina Ramer (New)
coffee 2: Aphrodite Gourmet coffee cup decorative by Marina Ramer (New)
muffins: Little Boxes Blueberry Muffin Platter by Sesi Ackland

entrance 1

entrance 2

chairs: MudHoney Zelia Chair RARE by Rayvn Hynes (New – June Arcade gacha)
plant: MudHoney Zelia Plant by Rayvn Hynes (New – June Arcade gacha)
end table: MudHoney Zelia End Table RARE by Rayvn Hynes (New – June Arcade gacha)
books: MudHoney Zelia Books by Rayvn Hynes (New – June Arcade gacha)
lamp: MudHoney Zelia Lamp by Rayvn Hynes (New – June Arcade gacha)
rug: ANE SLON SET – Rug (color change) by Anemysk Karu (New – June Arcade gacha)
frame on side wall: ANE SLON SET – Frame 02 by Anemysk Karu (New – June Arcade gacha)
art poster: [KALAVINKA] poster2009/7~9 by caca Drevnerussky (NA)

home 5_010 small_Fotor

home 5_011 small_Fotor

sofa: MudHoney Leslie Sectional Armless – white, MudHoney Leslie Sectional Corner – white, MudHoney Leslie Sectional Ottoman – white by Rayvn Hynes
pillows: MudHoney Leslie Pillow – red floral, MudHoney Leslie Pillow – beige scallop, MudHoney Leslie Pillow – yellow floral, MudHoney Leslie Pillow – blue trellis, MudHoney Leslie Pillow – red chevron, MudHoney Leslie Pillow – ikat, MudHoney Leslie Pillow – grays scallop, MudHoney Leslie Pillow – navy floral by Rayvn Hynes
coffee table (it comes with the candles, the books and the frame): Sari-Sari – Wood Slab Table Set (medium) by stupidmonkey Resident (May Kustom9, soon to be in store)
white vase: MudHoney Leslie Milkglass Vase by Rayvn Hynes
globe: [North West] Wordtrotter (love) by Lili Brink
books: jr. four books (assorted1) by Miwako Cheney
art poster: [KALAVINKA] poster 2009/1~3 by caca Drevnerussky (NA)

stairs hall 1

stairs hall 2

stair hall 3

stairs hall 4

shelf: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Tree Book Shelf by Paco Pooley (group gift in store)
poufs: MudHoney Leslie Pouf – yellow floral, MudHoney Leslie Pouf – blue trellis by Rayvn Hynes
sideboard: [ARIA] Eva sideboard by Yelo Uriza (New)
plant: MudHoney Leslie Plant by Rayvn Hynes
vases: MudHoney Textured Vase – blue by Rayvn Hynes
lamp: [Breno] Ace lamp by alphawolf19 Resident
frames: {Buckbeak}Canvas wall frame by qo0op Resident

dining room 1

dining room 2

dining room 3

table: MudHoney Leslie Dining Table by Rayvn Hynes
chairs: MudHoney Leslie Wicker Chair – red floral by Rayvn Hynes
table cloth: *Y’s HOUSE* [Display] Table Cloth01 (Linen/white Muji) by yacchan Clip
flowers: [ARIA] Eva Plumeria in a vase by Yelo Uriza (New)
meals: Sway’s [Breakfast around the World] Zurich.CH, Sway’s [Breakfast around the World] Stuttgart.DE, Sway’s [Breakfast around the World] Venice.IT, Sway’s [Breakfast around the World] San Francisco.US RARE, Sway’s [Breakfast around the World] Sydney.AU, Sway’s [Breakfast around the World] Trondheim.NO by Sway Dench (New – June Arcade gacha)
plates on wall (edited): [North West] Pretty plate by Lili Brink
clock: Frogstar – #9 Labyrinth Clock (Silver) by Ravenna Rossini (New – gacha)

kitchen 1

kitchen 2

kitchen 3

kitchen 5

kitchen 4

cabinets, sink and wall cabinets: MudHoney Flynn Drawer Cabinet – Beech, MudHoney Flynn Corner Cabinet – Beech, MudHoney Flynn Base Cabinet – Beech, MudHoney Flynn Sink – Beech, MudHoney Flynn Wall Cabinet – Beech by Rayvn Hynes (New)
stove: *Y’s HOUSE* Gas range by yacchan Clip (former group gift)
pan: /artilleri/ Enamel pot *big* by Antonia Marat
knifestand: *.:[K]:.* knife stand by Shizuku Halcali
plates: *~MMG’s~* Dinner plate(6)_2prim by masomaso Quan (former group gift)
kitchen tools: *~MMG’s~* Kitchen tools for hanging_5prim by masomaso Quan
moka pot: ANE SLON SET – Moka Pot (1Li) by Anemysk Karu (New – June Arcade gacha)
squeezer: BP* lemon squeezer/with lemon by bettiepage Voyager (NA)
bottle: Drowsy juice Bottle 2010winter apple by bettiepage Voyager (NA)
lemons: Cleo Design lime -lemon plate by Cleom Bailey (former group gift)
cake: Aphrodite Boston cream pie by Marina Ramer (New)
cake 2: BP* chiffon cake2 by bettiepage Voyager (NA)
toaster: b.v Toastter (white Rust type) by ichi Swansong
fridge: {what next} Coolomatic Fridge by Winter Thorn
water: Picnic water dispenser TYPE 1 [no glow] by nyasyousa Oh

bedroom and office

office 1

office 2

office 3

office 4

desk: MudHoney Jerry Desk – black by Rayvn Hynes
chair: MudHoney Jerry Office Chair – Red by Rayvn Hynes
camera: {AMITOMO}Vintage Camera Rare#1 by woomi Latte
envelope: [[RH]] Envelope (Pink) by ryo Ixxel
pen: MudHoney Pen Cup by Rayvn Hynes
laptop: MudHoney Laptop by Rayvn Hynes
head: Picnic figure head – apricots by nyasyousa Oh (gacha)
lamp: Sway’s [Silhouette] Floor lamp . grey pattern / plugged by Sway Dench (New)
wire shelves: Sari-Sari – Adventure Wire Shelf, Sari-Sari – Sports Wire Shelf by stupidmonkey Resident
box: / XIAJ / Parcel (rez) by superjaix
puzzle game: {Buckbeak}Tangram walking Wooden Puzzle(Blue) by qo0op Resident
rug: MudHoney Jerry Rug by Rayvn Hynes
record shelves: Ponitee::: Recordshelves [red], Recordshelves [white], Recordshelves [yellow] by poponi Wiefel
books: MudHoney Covered Books by Rayvn Hynes
record player: SMERSH Record Player 1.0 by flops McArdle
lamp: MudHoney Jerry Lamp by Rayvn Hynes
boards: [[RH]] Blackboard 1 (L), [[RH]] Blackboard 2 (L) by ryo Ixxel

bedroom 1

bedroom 2

board: {Buckbeak}Geometric blackboard by qo0op Resident
bed (it comes with the newspapers): [[RH]] Natural bed (with POSE) by ryo Ixxel
bag: oyasumi / moneycase / lbrowngold / rez by Kenzo Gateaux
lamp shelf: “La petite fleur” Recordshelf by yukineko Jewell

bathroom 2

bathroom 1

bathroom 5

bathroom 3

bathroom 4

toilet: *~MMG’s~* Toilet-white_8prim by masomaso Quan
plunger: *~MMG’s~* Toilet-plunger-blue_1prim by masomaso Quan
towell holder: towel_holder NIT Dinzeo (NA)
sink: Turnip’s Bubble Bathroom Sink by Turnip Sorbet
toothbrushes (edited): MudHoney Toothpaste and Brushes Cup by Rayvn Hynes
soap: MudHoney Oatmeal Soap by Rayvn Hynes
mirror cabinet: Turnip’s Bubble Bathroom Cabinet by Turnip Sorbet

bathroom 6

hutch: magi take antique corner hutch [ white ] by Take Lowey (NA)
towells: *~MMG’s~* Rolled towel (4-C)_1prim by masomaso Quan
cosmetics: .:NsB:. Cosmetic Set, .:NsB:. Cream Set by Emilie Freund
hairbrush: MudHoney Hairbrush Prop by Rayvn Hynes
meds: -RC- Ibopoferin, -RC- Rx – Celebrarmatix Meds, -RC- Rx – Lipiqor Meds, -RC- Rx – Bonmax Meds by Redd Columbia
tissue: BP*Tissue/wood case/open me! by bettiepage Voyager (NA)
duck: {theosophy} Rubber Duck (Classic) by Trace Osterham

bathroom 7

scale: *~MMG’s~* Bathroom scale – Posing Stand [Female]_2prim y masomaso Quan
flowers: The Loft – Frezza Baby’s Breath by Collen Desmoulins

bathroom 8

bath tub: Turnip’s Bubblefoot Tub with Shower by Turnip Sorbet
frame: MudHoney ‘Keep Calm & Soak On’ by Rayvn Hynes
ladder: MudHoney Towel Ladder by Rayvn Hynes

balcony 1

balcony 2

chair: [ARIA] Chiara wicker armchair by Yelo Uriza (New)
sofa: [ARIA] Chiara wicker sofa by Yelo Uriza (New)
coffee table: [ARIA] Chiara wicker coffee table by Yelo Uriza (New)
plant 1: [ARIA] Chiara potted Bromeliad by Yelo Uriza (New)
rug: *Y’s HOUSE* Rug_Linen007(Blue border)_a by yacchan Clip
stool with tea set: *Y’s HOUSE* Hot Green Tea set-03 [SHIMA] by yacchan Clip (former seasons gacha)
plant 2: L2 Studio Aloe B in rd/gry pot 3 prims by Lindini2 Lane

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