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wknd n35


home 4_001_Fotor_Fotor

skybox: Trompe Loeil – The Chatham Loft Skybox Light (no surround) by Cory Edo (New – gift to Facebook fans)

home 4_008_Fotor_Fotor

home 4_007_Fotor_Fotor

home 4_009_Fotor_Fotor

home 4_012_Fotor_Fotor

home 4_011_Fotor_Fotor

home 4_010_Fotor_Fotor

sofa: [ARIA] Verna lather sofa with cushions -PG- by yelo Uriza (New)
chair: LAQ Decor ~ Basic Mesh Lounge Chair – Grey by Winter DiPrima
coffee table: [ARIA] Luana coffee table by yelo Uriza (New)
coffee tray: Aphrodite coffee tray “Special blends” V2 by Marina Ramer (New)
poppies: [ARIA] Luana vases with Poppies by yelo Uriza (New)
ashtray: :YONEYA: Cigarettes and ashtray 1 by Yonemaru Allen
newspaper: MudHoney Newspaper Folded by Rayvn Hynes
vases trio: .:NsB:. NOA Vases  by Emilie Freund
plates: [North West] Pretty Plate III (crow), [North West] Pretty Plate III (feathers), [North West] Pretty Plate II (ornate) by Lili Brink
curtains: [ARIA] Verna curtain by yelo Uriza (New)
POST / “Ma Jolie,” Picasso, 1911-12 by Van Auster
divider: Zigana Folding screen by Nalena Fairey

home 4_013_Fotor_Fotor

piano: LISP – Piano with sits  – Noir Wood by Pandora Popstar
flower: [ARIA] Eva Plumeria in a vase by yelo Uriza (New)
art: HIDEKI – TCF Gift – Wall Art by Hideki Carami (New – The Chapter Four gift, need to join the group to get it)

home 4_020_Fotor_Fotor

art: .::DARE::..  Fashion Silhouette  – Art by Chance Greatrex (NA)
vase: .:NsB:. Vase HENRI (transfer) by Emilie Freund

home 4_002_Fotor_Fotor

home 4_003_Fotor_Fotor

home 4_004_Fotor_Fotor

home 4_005_Fotor_Fotor

home 4_006_Fotor_Fotor

bed: Dutchie adult bed salmon II by Froukje Hoorenbeek
laptop: {what next} Nieve Bed Laptop for owner by FrankLee Anatra
white trunk: blah to wah – Wardrobe Trunk *White by Trash Wahwah (NA)
lamp 1: MudHoney Jerry Lamp by Rayvn Hynes
art 1: Collage – Errotica – Art 1 by Adalined Resident
books 1: Kirin – Back to School Pose 1 by Carolina Sautereau
brown trunk: POST: Belgravia Steamer by Van Auster
globe: [North West] Wordtrotter (love) by Lili Brink
narguile: Soy. Shisha [liquid night]  (printed ver) by soysoy Resident
books 2: (iTuTu) Biblio Mania 03 by denchu Dench
pillows: Trompe Loeil – Free Pillow Toss Wall Lengthwise Tintable by Cory Edo
cat: *SHOP SEU* 2prim anim cat -Siam- grooming by seu Ahn
lamp 2: .:NsB:. PERRY Standing Lamp by Emilie Freund
art 2: Collage – Errotica – Art 2 by Adalineb Resident
shelf: Soy. vintage wire shelf (Old steel white) by soysoy Resident (New – May Kustom9)
luggage: POST:  Bloomsbury Valise by Van Auster
bag: POST: Olivier Travel Case by Van Auster
fan: LISP – Fan – Texture Change (touch base) by Pandora Popstar
boxes: *~MMG’s~* ShoesPaperBox-no logo_1prim by masomaso Quan
towel: *~MMG’s~* Rolled towel & Ribbon_2prim by masomaso Quan

home 4_014_Fotor_Fotor

home 4_016_Fotor_Fotor

home 4_017_Fotor_Fotor

home 4_018_Fotor_Fotor

kitchen: MudHoney Flynn Kitchen by Rayvn Hynes (New)
coffee maker: Aphrodite Gourmet coffee maker V3 by Marina Ramer (New)
pot: (iTuTu)enamel  tea pot by kao Sands
milk: MEGMILK TETRA-PACK by Jamiecat Janus
bread: *cariocca*  pao de forma – plus life by Claudinha Akina
kitchen tools: *~MMG’s~* Kitchen tools for hanging_5prim by masomaso Quan
flower: (iTuTu) petit dahlia can /white by kao Sands

home 4_015_Fotor_Fotor

table: [Brixley] Farmhouse Table – dirty by Isabelle Requiem
eggs basket: wire basket by surfash Bade
chairs: [ARIA] Eva multi-function chair (PG), [ARIA] Eva multi-function chair with a cushion (PG) by yelo Uriza (New)

home 4_019_Fotor_Fotor

laundry set: Crackberry~ Washing Machine, Crackberry~Dryer by Jemima Clowes


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