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That’s so cute! I love my bee-pug! 🙂




Skin by League – Jen Fair Glam
Freckles by Moon Amore – FrecklesMania high intensity
Lipstick by Essences – Hangover lipsticks
Eyeshadow by Mons – Eyeshadow punk blue
Hair by fashionably dead – Little Queen Grayscale 3 (The Arcade/ March 2014)
Top by WigWamBam – Silver Sequin Girl Face (n/a)
Jacket by Milk Motion – Cosmic bomber black stars (C88 – February)
Pants by Overhigh – Printed leggings texture 8
Earrings by Nha! – Ditta Set
Ring by Yummy – Cupcake Ring (The Arcade/ March 2014)
Pug by Birdy – Puggly Bumble Bee (The Arcade/ March 2014)
Nails by Pixel Mode – Diamond Edition Mesh Nails
Shoes by GField – Holiday Gift Pumps (past group gift)

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