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Welcome back to me! lotd n1


Welcome back to me!

After One year and six months of break, i can say i am back, not everyday, but sometimes.
Thank you so much for the friends and designers who continued sending me stuff!

Ive got some cute outfit

TokiD Sumire flats folk
TokiD Vicky Dress cream
LaViere Tranquility brown roots
Filthy Belle skin
Magic Nook Cameo necklace
Magic Nook Golden life sunglasses
Magic Nook Parisian Romance clutch bag
Emery mesh poe blazer salmon
Le Poppycock whos that girl pose

05/29/2014 edit: Afer a lot o thinking, i decided to change my posts title to lotd n1 to lotd the current number.
and why n1 instead of the numbers of posts since 2009 until now? I spent 1year and 6 months without blogging and still after 8 months blogging again, it feels like i just started the blog from the beggining!
Thank you very mch for the support 🙂

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