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it was December


That was December home, kind of empty (lack of prims) and decorated for xmas…time to change.

ground and garden walls: MMG’s by masomaso Quan
grass: Zigana by Nalena Fairey
tree 1: [[[nocc.]]] dead tree by Nocco Oldrich
tree 2: New Trails – Fresh Pine tree by vitrail Illios
patio: L2 seasons patio w wall by Lindini2 Lana (former hunt gift)
house: Zigana gatcha home by Nalena Fairey

shelves: LISP – Postal Cabinet by Pandora Popstar
chair: [mdrm]bending wood chair by naonao2 Ellils
flower: Cafe*Amie Pitcher Flower by Choco Felisimo
muffins: *KUROTSUBAKI* muffin by sato Yifu (drowsy sim will be closing soon, so run to get it while you can)
jams: *.:[K]:.* by Shizuku Halcali
cake stands: MudHoney Cake Stands by Rayvn Hynes
cabinets, prints and stove: Second Spaces Charming Country Kitchen by Elle Kirshner
wall cabinets: (fd) Kitchen Counter (Yellow – modded and tinted) by Toast Bard
toaster: b.v Toastter (white Rust type) by ichi Swansong
knifestand: *.:[K]:.* knifestand by Shizuku Halcali
veggies: (iTuTu) vegetable bowl by toraji Voom
breads: MudHoney Bag of Bread by Rayvn Hynes
tea bottle: [19MC?] Milk-Tea 2.1 by PaintO Jie (gatcha)
milk: MEGMILK TETRA-PACK by Jamiecat Janus
fridge: /artilleri/ Sheldon fridge *plain* by Antonia Marat
teapot: (iTuTu)enamel tea pot by Kao Sands
rack: MudHoney Kangjon Baker’s Rack by Rayvn Hynes
poster: [North West] Vintage Poster IV (koffie) by Lili Brink
water: Picnic water dispenser TYPE 1 [no glow] by nyasyousa Oh
rug: MudHoney Green Leaf Rug by Rayvn Hynes

rug 1: zigana Rug yastik by Nalena Fairey
rug 2: Zigana carpet .red by Nalena Fairey
rug 3: Zigana carpet .joy by Nalena Fairey
tv: /artilleri/ Tahoe TV by Antonia Marat
shelf 1 and 3: *Y’s HOUSE* Iron Shelf 03(BL/wood)_H2500 by yacchan Clip
shelf 2: *Y’s HOUSE* Iron Shelf 03(BL/glass)_H2500 by yacchan Clip
vase: The Loft – Alex Lantern Light by Colleen Desmoulins
fragrance: (iTuTu) room fragrance *01 by aya Huldschinsky
ivy: ivy by Kao Sands
chair 1: *Y’s HOUSE* Round Chair 01 [nan/Mouton] by yacchan Clip
chair 2: *Y’s HOUSE* Round Chair 01 [nan / Fluffy-brown] by yacchan Clip
sofa: *Y’s HOUSE* Sofa02 [Denim/White]_Choice!2011.ver 1 by yacchan Clip (winter choice n/a)
xmas tree: (iTuTu) X’mas tree pot-1 by Kao Sands
chest: {what next} ‘Winter’ Laurel Reclaimed Wood Chest by Winter Thorn
lamp: FMA KOENJI-LAMP SCRIPTED8 by Agathe Latte
bottle: POST / Chisholm Cocktail Set (Deer) by Van Auster
flowers: The Loft – Frezza Baby’s Breath by Colleen Desmoulins
picture: [*Art Dummy!] the edge of winter. (art on wood) by Gala Charron
cabinet: {vespertine}_professor Moth’s secret cabinet. by Amelie Knelstrom
gramophone: …:::Scrub:::…gramophone ’30 by ramon Jonstone
chandelier: FMA BAD TASTE CHANDELIER 2 by Agathe Latte

stove and bag w/woods: LISP – Woodburning Stove – Grey – large chimney by Pandora Popstar
table: -[ Zacca ]- Oldwood Table /Peanuts by CROSS Jupiter
plates: Little Boxe Rooster by Sesi Ackland
rack: -RC- Nana’s Antler Rack by Redd Columbia

bed: LISP – Urchin Bed by Pandora Popstar
trunk: LISP – Dark Wood Blanket Trunk by Pandora Popstar
fan: LISP – Fan by Pandora Popstar
cat: *SHOP SEU* 2prim anim cat -Siam- grooming by seu Ahn
pannel: *~MMG’s~* ShopDisplayWindow_2prim by masomaso Quan
poppies: R^R_Poppy Lamp by Surrealia Anatine
rug on wall: Picnic rug – deer by nyasyousa Oh (gatcha)
chair: [mdrm]bend wood chair by naonao2 Ellils
drawer: (iTuTu) 3 drawer chest by Kao Sands (modded)
frames: by me (not for sell) images found on deviant art
poster: [KALAVINKA] poster2009/7~9 by caca Drevnerussky
vase: POST: Jouanny Chinoiserie Vase (Lawn) by Van Auster
luggages: POST by Van Auster
curtain: autumn.curtain by Jordan Giant

please click on the pictures to take a look better on details, it will direct you to bigger sizes.

and also please read with attention, everything is on the drescription with the creators name, to get landmarks, write the designers name on search to teleport to their stores. thank you.

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  1. 02/01/2012 10:20 AM

    so gorgeous! your styling, your photos — just wonderful! 🙂

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