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My home up in the sky


It has been quite a long time since i don’t blog fully decorated houses, only small sets..when i put too many prims together my computer starts to moam, so you can have an idea of how it acted when i finished the decoration, i had to struggle to zoom around to take the screen shots! Unfortunatelly i could not take more outside pictures, because i can not zoom long distances, i am sorry for that…my computer is dying! lol
I do love to decorate in sl (well, it is the only place in which i can decorate) and i will try to do it more often.
Bellow are all pictures (too many, sorry) and credits, please read to it carefully. No edition, only crop.

prefab: L2 studio Blue Dreams by Lindini2 Lane (two separated rooms) – 62 prims
weeds: [MAGIC NOOK] Summer Vine – Wall by Ayumi Cassini – 1 prim each
apple chair: [*Art Dummy!] apple picking by Gala Charron – 17 prims
flower: Zigana yellow flower bed by Nalena Fairey – 1 prim


blue curtain: {what next} ‘Winter’ Laurel Drapes by Winter Thorn – 7 prims
blinds: [ARIA] Aurora Blind-Static (copy/mod) by Yelo Uriza – 3 prims
rug: zigana Rug blue by Nalena Fairey – 2 prims
daybed: LISP – Amelie Daybed by Pandora Popstar – 12 prims
screen: Zigana Folding screen by Nalena Fairey – 4 prims
asian lanterns: Zigana Branch lanterns by Nalena Fairey – 8 prims

rug: *Y’s HOUSE* Rug_Linen007(Blue border)_a by yacchan Clip – 2 prims
coffee table: *Y’s HOUSE* Iron Side Table 01(WP/glass) by yacchan Clip – 4 prims each
candles and books part of a Mudhoney set by Rayvn Hynes – 14 prims
book pile: .SunnyM. Little Book Pile by Sunny Minuet – 4 prims
mug 1: {theosophy} x Duboo* – Milk Mug by Trace Osterham – 4 prims
mug 2: {theosophy} x Duboo* – LoveBulb Mug by Trace Osterham – 4 prims
mug 3: {theosophy} Drink Me! Mug by Trace Osterham – 4 prims
makaron maker: =F=Macaron_maker(Choice!2009w) by Sakura Lane – 21 prims
chair: [mdrm]summer sofa by naonao2 Ellis (can be found @ Sound Gravis Beach as gift, available until 06-30) – 2 prims
couch: [*Art Dummy!] bohemian summer. (blue couch) by Gala Charron – 15 prims
print 1: [KALAVINKA] poster 2009/1~3 by caca Drevneruss – 1 prim
framed heart: [*Art Dummy!] hang your heart here. by Gala Charron – 5 prims
print 2: [KALAVINKA] poster 2008/4~6 by caca Drevneruss – 1 prim
side table: [*Art Dummy!] hang your heart here. by Gala Charron – 7 prims
books: [*ArtDummy!] hang your heart here. by Gala Charron – 5 prims
cups: [*Art Dummy!] stacked cups and strawberries. by Gala Charron – 8 prims
lamb: {what next} Burbank Lamp by Winter Thorn – 5 prims
dolls: [ARIA] Cleo Matrioschka trio by Yelo Uriza – 4 prims
shelf: Turnip’s The Catcher’s Shelf by Turnip Sorbet – 4 prims
flower: *S=Colluna vulgaris Pot by YUI Starship – 9 prims


asian lanters: Zigana Lanterns Round .Sand by Nalena Fairey – 10 prims
ladder: :CP: Ladder Shelf by Isla Gealach – 20 prims
canvases: [ARIA] Mela canvas trio by Yelo Uriza – 5 prims
print 1: [KALAVINKA] poster2009/7~9 by caca Drevneruss – 1 prim
lamp: [North West] Albatros Lamp (wood) by Lili Brink – 5 prims
side table 1: BP*carved leg shelfC -white by BettiePage Voyager – 17 prims
boxes: *~MMG’s~* ShoesPaperBox by masomaso Quan – 1 prim
side table 2: BP*carved leg shelfD -white by BettiePage Voyager – 14 prims
clock: [North West] Little Alarm Clock (teal) by lili Brink – 12 prims
box filled with books: Box of Nostalgia (insight designs) by Amisha March – 16 prims
guitar: LISP – Kumbyargh Guitar by Pandora Popstar – 7 prims
sofa: [mdrm]rocking sofa [white] by naonao2 Ellis – 3 prims
rug: [North West] Striped rug (texture-change) by Lili Brink – 2 prims
dummy: {what next} Paperdoll Mannequin *store gift* by Winter Thorn – 9 prims
board 1: Nordari pinbee. – music. by Jordan Giant – 5 prims
board 2: Nordari pinbee. – candy. by Jordan Giant – 11 prims
board 3: Nordari pinbee. – i print 2: [KALAVINKA] poster2010/4~6 by caca Drevneruss – 1 prim
print 3: [KALAVINKA] poster 2010/7~9 by caca Drevneruss – 1 prim
cabinet: Insight Designs Artisan Cabinet (Full Size) by Amisha March – 10 prims
shelf with hanger: BP* wall shelf/winter2010 by BettiePage Voyager – 7 prims
bobbins: *~MMG’s~* Wood bobbin_1prim [blue] by masomaso Quan – 1 prim
hoop thingie: MudHoney Embroidery Hoop Wall Hanging by Rayvn Hynes – 13 prims
tv: Nordari october.transmission by Jordan Giant – 11 prims


fridge: /artilleri/ Dexter fridge (click to change colours) by Antonia Marat – 23 prims
kitchen: *~MMG’s~* Kitchen-All Set [no wall] by masomaso Quan – 30 prims

curtain: [ARIA] Bryony curtains by Yelo Uriza – 5 prims
dryer machine: Crackberry~Dryer by jemima Clowes – 10 prims
ironing: Crackberry ~Ironing board by jemima Clowes – 4 prims
basket: b.v Laundry basket (vermilion) by ichi Swansong (can be found at randomuseum) – 9 prims

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  1. 06/27/2011 11:37 PM

    so love this!

  2. 07/01/2011 3:36 PM

    oh my damn, i love this so much. i’m so bad at decorating and really wanted to make a cute white washed summer place but have more of a bohemian vibe than country/shabby chic. this is perfect!!! pretty much going to copy you, lololol.

    • 07/02/2011 8:52 PM

      i am sure you are not bad at decorating!
      but can copy! that is why i blog! to share and to help ppl with their ideas!
      sometimes i get emails of ppl showing me the ideas they had because of something i blogged and i love it! I is rly nice to see that somehow i helped someone! if you want to share the final result will be a pleasure for me to see it!

  3. Mariska Tiponi permalink
    08/03/2011 4:05 AM

    I love this and really love the couches from naonao2 Ellis but i cant find that name in search or the name of the store. Would you have a slurl for the store at all please?


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