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“Breathe, breathe in the air
Don’t be afraid to care
Leave but don’t leave me
Look around and chose your own ground
For long you live and high you fly
And smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry
And all you touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be
Run, run rabbit run
Dig that hole, forget the sun,
And when at last the work is done
Don’t sit down it’s time to dig another one
For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race toward an early grave…”

hair: KLETVA-Hair/JOSS/Blond/Super Summer by Vitor Algoma (TDR)
skin: &Bean – Old Bones H pale no brows by Keiko Morigi

shirt: [NSD] RiRi Dress-Bust by naith Smit
skirt: (Milk Motion) My black long skirt by Marie Lauridsen

necklace: (luc) Carollin, Necklace Gold/Black by Lucas Lameth

R.icielli – FASHIONISTA 04 by Fleur Nicoletti

“…Home, home again
I like to be here when I can
When I come home cold and tired
It’s good to warm my bones beside the fire
Far away across the field
The tolling of the iron bell
Calls the faithful to their knees
To hear the softly spoken magic spells”

skin: &Bean – Old Bones H pale no brows by Keiko Morigi
lipstick: &Bean – Matte lips Reds by Keiko Morigi
hair: booN QPT129 hair blonde by boo Nakamura

undershirt: “anuenue.RuffleLongshirts by Marea Kirax
skirt: Soma – Belted Towel Skirt in Black by Light Claven
shirt: .:Vive9:. Floral Lace Crop by Inna Bilavio

bag: ::{u.f.o}::sagak sagak bag – orange china( hands ) by charming Meiler (new)
earrings: / 004 / GOLD-Diamond Peacock Earrings by Moho Rain (new)
necklace: LaGyo_Flamingo necklace gold by Gyorgyna Larnia
socks: Maitreya Moxie Over-Knee Socks * Black by Onyx LeShelle
shoes: .: vive9 :. RITA Boot in ChinaMen by Sanya Bilavio

R.icielli – CUTE Poses 2/ 02 by Fleur Nicoletti

[Coeur] Maison S.S. Momo by Bethany Heart (new)

Pink Floyd – Breathe
*this is the one of the most beautiful things in this world.*

I am sorting my inventory and “found” these &Bean’s skins which i love so much but was not wearing..this thing of catching up only the new things something make us forget about older ones, not good at all.

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  1. 06/13/2011 11:42 PM

    Música perfeita… looks lindos ❤

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