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Piece of Heaven


Hello dearest people! i’ve been missing here a lot, it’s been already 3 months away from sl and i will slowly come back, i hope!
So, this is my coming back post, quite simple, i know, but i like to keep things simple =]
Now i am going to take a look on feeds and on flickr to see what i missed, i bet i have too much to see.
Many warm and full of love hugs to the japanese people, i am very, very, very far from being a rich person, but me and my family made donations to japanese Red Cross…you are very brave ppl, you deserve all the best and i wish you all the luck.

skin: .: vive9 :. Ginta – Base [ satin ] FullRed Brows/ Freks by Sanya Bilavio
eyes: – Glam Affair – Stella Eyes V2 – Eva by aida Ewing
hair: [Shag] – Siren – cashmere by Sebastien Aries

skirt: (TokiD) belt skirt (white) by Maya Levane
bodysuit: (TokiD) itsy bodysuit (mud) by Maya Levane
cardi: [NSD] Laine Cardigan White by naith Smit

headband: Tiny Bird – White Wildflowers Headband Gatcha by Autumn Hykova (store closed)
bag: -[AddiCt]-Day Tripper Bag/Peach Fuzz by Kianna Noel
necklace: [MAGIC NOOK] Moon River Necklace (Gold/Pearl) / Spine by Ayumi Cassini
shoes: MIEL TROUPE SHOES NATURAL by Mika Nieuport

pose: [LAP] primskirt by Dove Swanson

background: Lindini2 Lane prefab, it is like a piece of heaven, i am so happy that she is doing things now

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  1. nil permalink
    05/12/2011 7:41 PM

    I hope my wishes helped you a little through the way out since we last talked 🙂
    I am just checking the feed lately but still not that free to come back..soon and hugs from a loyal fan

    • 05/12/2011 7:45 PM

      your good wishes always helps me! =D
      i am feeling a bit better, it is a process i have to face it!
      thank you for always being the sweet person that you are! ❤
      miss you tons, tons!
      (and the fan is me! i'm your fan!)

  2. nil permalink
    05/12/2011 7:48 PM not moderate this one: I felt so happy to see your post here at the feed. ı think of you sometimes and wishing you are doing well and wishng you have the greatest job in the world..hope all is great for you
    and yes ı can’t believe what happened to Japan. ı feel so desperate about it.. ı met very nice and cute and sweet japanese ppl through our way in ı am even afraid to get into sl and talk one of them to ask how they are doing 😦 if they are around (my friends who are japanese or living there)..but yes only relief is to be sure about their very strong souls and minds
    just wanted to share these with you :*

  3. nil permalink
    05/12/2011 7:50 PM

    shiz..remove that one aboveee

    • 05/12/2011 8:12 PM

      nooo not removing! i love to share with you =*
      i feel the same about them…i am scared to ask, i feel very sorry for them…many things happened in my country too, me and my family are often donating, even tho our life is not so good, we have a shelter, a warm bed and food in our fridge and we are thankful for that…with all these disasters happening many people don’t have their homes anymore, have to swallow their prides and accept to live through charity otherwise they die..i know life is not easy and for some it seems to be even worse, fighting for survival all the time can let us down, but keeping yourself alive is more important than the discouragement and all a lifetime struggles.
      I know that they will reconstruct everything, they are intelligent, they know that they live in a dangerous place, geographically speaking. Unfortunatelly because of global warming and the late polarization the tendencie is to get worse, not only to them, but all of us have to be prepared to fight for our survival…

  4. 05/12/2011 11:35 PM

    ÊÊÊ! Bem- vinda de volta! Começou super fofa! Tudo certinho por aê?

    Pois é, é triste ver as pessoas passando por coisas desse tipo…perder tudo, a gente pode ajudar com pouco! já faz diferença!


    • 05/13/2011 12:17 AM

      brigada, Lucy!
      espero que eu não tenha copiado ngm O_____o ainda n sei o que as pessoas postaram por aí =p
      mas por aqui está tudo indo…no mais ou menos…ainda aflita por falta de emprego e dinheiro, bate um desanimo…mas olhando tudo o q está acontecendo pelo mundo afora, me conforto por ter uma casa e uma familia que me ama, isso é mto importante =]
      e vc, Lucy?
      espero te encontrar online por aí! bjks


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