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helping is beautiful


was it ever more beautiful to help? I don’t think so in the current events Pacific Crisis Fundraiser and Help Japan all proceeds go to support Japan in their time of need. Specially skin designers show big support, so I decided to make a post mainly about the beautiful skins avail at those events. But I’m also showing great Hair by Tiny Bird a super cute Bolero by Bounce a Picture Frame  which I used for background in some pictures and wall candy Alpha Trees also used as background decoration and some other stuff I found. Since it’s allot of skins I had to split the post in several parts so after this one there is more to come 🙂


Maybe you already have most of the items yourself, at least I hope so, but if not then I desperately hope you feel the urge to go and get them after this post. I really want to thank all creators for taking part and donating items, amazing items, which they worked so hard for. You all have my deepest respect and appreciation for that.

I mainly focused on the face and the upper body and I really fell in love with every single skin. Each skin has their own characteristics, but every skin is of really great quality. Of course the pictures you see here are not raw snapshots, but they are not Ps’ed to death either. Mainly I played with Environment settings in SL , turn on shadows to get a nice deep effect.

Hope you enjoy!

BodyLine skins (Nedeko Kohime) @Help Japan
Tiny Bird (Autumn Hykova) Islands Hair fatpack @ Help Japan
BOUNCE Bolero (Archan Allen) blue @PCF
Wall Candy (Crys Lexenstar) – Tree Pack 3 @PCF
Wall Candy – Tree of Life 2 @PCF
Earrings by MANDALA
Lashes by Lelutka

picture 2 and 3
Mynerva (Rhapzody Wilde) Isana skins (3 skin tones with blush and without blush) @PCF
BOUNCE (Archan Allen) Bolero blue @PCF
Tiny Bird (Autumn Hykova) Hair @ Help Japan
:::aju::: HELP JAPAN / Picture Frame (sarana jun) (background) @Help Japan
Earrings by MANDALA
Lashes by Lelutka
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