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getting prepared for x-mas


cart w/flowers: ~La’Licious~ Hanging Cart Of Pansies -Dark by Amalicious Destiny
door: Teleporter Door (Texture Change) by Haruka Ackland
curtains: [ARIA] Bryony curtains (mod/copy) by Yelo Uriza
sofa: [S2] Classic Sofa 2s by sTwo Acker
coffee table/plant: * nonino * Living table by noni Troncon
lamp: MudHoney Lyrical Laamp by Rayvn Hynes
magazines: {what next} Magazine Pile by Winter Thorn
books: {what next} Autumn Porch Books (touch for reading book) by Winter Thorn
mugs: {what next} Autumn Porch Mug (touch for drink) 1 by Winter Thorn
standing lamp: [what next] ‘Winter’ Laurel Floor Lamp by Winter Thorn (new)
chandelier: {what next} ‘Winter’ Laurel Chandelier by Winter Thorn (new)
rug 1: ~La’Licious~ Bargain Rug! by Amalicious Destiny
rug 2: MudHoney Aged Floral Rug by Rayvn Hynes
chairs: {what next} Burbank Chair by FrankLee Anatra
fireplace: [kusshon] christmas gift – fireplace with stockings and tree (past xmas gift) by Beolas Whitfield
antlers: LISP – Antler Candles White by Pandora Popstar
basket: :: AB :: Pinecone Ornament Basket (gift) by Clementine Ishtari
wine rack: MudHoney Kangjon Wine Rack by Rayvn Hynes
plates: -RC- Nana’s Plate Collection by Redd Columbia (sla, unfortunately the store is closing 😦 )
cupcake stand: /artilleri/ Kim Cake stand with noms *WLH* (old hunt prize) by Antonia Marat

prints: ::AB:: Flower Shop Bicycle print by Clementine Ishtari
chairs: MudHoney Prestige Medallion Chair – Quilted by Rayvn Hynes
table w/accessories: The Loft – Flee Market Finds by Colleen Desmoulins
tree: Botanical – Green Holiday Fir Small (mt) by Kriss Lehmann
santas: Sway’s Cone Santa by Sway Dench (new!)
bags from Tapioca Tastes Fine by Thia Burgess
bed: MudHoney – Natural Cuddle Bed by Rayvn Hynes
bench: MudHoney Cushion Coffee Table 1 (modded) by Rayvn Hynes
tray: :: AB :: Gingerbread Cookie & Hot Chocolate Tray by Clementine Ishtari
pillows: Gennie HG-pillow pile 3 by Jeannie Svenson (new – new store)
rug: MudHoney Green Leaf Rug by Rayvn Hynes
desk: ~La’Licious~ Country Charm Writing Desk by Amalicous Destiny
chair: MudHoney Lawrence Desk Chair by Rayvn Hynes
calendar: * nonino * Advent card (gift) by noni Troncon
snowglobe: !Pigmai: Snowglobe Ver. Girl by Anya Ohmai (cooming soon @ Albero)
mittens; :: AB :: Put Your Mittens Away by Clementine Ishtari
notes: MudHoney Scribble pad with paper airplane / MudHoney Notepad with Pencils by Rayvn Hynes
books: MudHoney Grandma’s Books by Rayvn Hynes
lamp: MudHoney Polished Bronze Desk Lamp by Rayvn Hynes
phone: /artilleri/ 60ies phone (5 prims) *color change* by Antonia Marat
board: ~La’Licious~ Old Door Memo Board by Amalicious Destiny

skybox from Chez Moi by Eden Murfin

total: 426 prims

* I live in Brazil, it’s autumn for most of you, but for us, brazilians, is spring! we are starting to get in the modd of summer, as the days are starting to get super hot and suffocating! For this box, it has a nice space but i didnt want to put to many objects in it, i wanted to keep it simple and tried to put some spring elements along with wintery ones.

As always i hope you enjoy! 🙂

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  1. 12/11/2010 2:02 AM

    NINA NINA NINA!!! XD *nomnomnoms*
    Thank you so much for putting mai lil piggy there ^^ The place looks so warm and cosy, very inviting ❤ as your home posts are always 🙂 I loved that you placed that wine rack there, lovely work my loves!

    • 12/11/2010 3:12 AM

      i am super in love w/the pigs! this one w/bows melts me everytime i look at it!
      as i said and will repeat, i wish i could have them irl! i wish you could do a biscuit sculpture and sell tham! i’d buy for sure!
      and thank you for the cumpliments, it always means a lot and even more when comes from a person who i admire lots! ♥

  2. 12/11/2010 10:14 AM

    awesome!! And I can’t wait to get that piggy 🙂

  3. 12/11/2010 12:21 PM

    Thx uuuu babe !!! I love this so much. Your sense of decoration is just awsome ❤

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