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house: Parajen winter cabin (modded) by Janneth Navarathna (i wish some walls were ‘normal’ textures instead of textures w/transparent layers, but i love this house anyway.)
orange leaves trees: [kusshon] autum tree with 16 anims, 13 prim by Beolas Whitfield (old hunt prize)
pine trees: AM Radio Xmas Pine DISPLAY, [REZ] by AM Radio (last year gift)
green yellow tall trees: :YONEYA: Poplar(Populus) 03 by Yonemaru Allen
grass: Picnic grass [cross] (tinted) by nyasyousa Oh
grave: ~SHAG~ B.R.B. Tombstone and Fresh Grave with Corpse Pose by Shyayn Lusch (last year gift)
nonino Weathercock (anemometer) by noni Troncon
hay: dernier cri Hay Stack by Asuka Martin (last year gift)
scarecrow: HBLYS_Garden & scarecrow by Albert Beerbaum (old hunt prize)
larger leaves: :: AB:: Fallen Autumn Leaves by Clementine Ishtari
smaller leaves: Olive Juice- Fallen Leaves Ground Cover by IsabellaGrace Baroque (old hunt prize)
wheel set: Baffle! Wagon Wheel by Samantha Smadga (past month’s gift)

television: Treet TV – Model 3 (modded) by Thraxix Epsilon
cloth: bitter vanilla Crochet 1 by ichi Swansong
flowerpot: Kyoot Home – Rotted Flower Pot by Saeya Nyanda
rug: zigana Rug sand by Nalena Fairey
rack: Kinokoko – Garden Rack by Hiroro Mayo
tray: cleo designs serving tray by Cleom Bailey (old hunt prize)
flowers: cleo designs MARIGOLDS by Cleom Bailey (old hunt prize)
couch: .ekibyo. rotten couch by Ash Admiral
pillows: +mocha+  –  Down Pillow [B] / +mocha+  –  Down Pillow [A] by flexagons Villota
cushion: +KiiToS!!+ Knit Cushion* Unisex Gift* by stallarmoon Destiny
shelves w/books: Junk Ruckus by Miwako Cheney
lights: The Loft – Hufnie Hanging Light Rust by Colleen Desmoulins
desk/frames/telephone: parajen desk by Janneth Navarathna (old gift)
images on frames were taken on deviant art, except for the smaller one (chance greatrex / Dare’s drawing)
chair: {theosophy} Denham Deux Leather Chair (Burnt/Wood) by Trace Osterham
cooking pots: magi take can by Take Lowey
[North West] Chaiyya Tree Cups by Lili Brink

rug: zigana Rag rug by Nalena Fairey
wardrobe: *Y’sHOUSE* Wardrobe Hide-and-seek_DA by yacchan Clip
trunk by nekonuko Nakamori
birdcage: {theosophy} Acton Birdcage (Wood) L / {theosophy} Acton Birdcage (Wood) S by Trace Osterham
antlers: blah to wah – Mounted Antlers *Frame by Trash WahWah
mirror: (iTuTu) Stand Mirror – height&weight checker / liglht color by Kao Sands
bench: *Y’s HOUSE* HONEY BENCH_Dirty Dark Antique by yacchan Clip
BP* Foot bath/ bath /rez by BettiePage Voyager (old group gift)
bed: *Tatty Soup* French Toast Bed by Tab Tatham
drawer: Kyoot Home – Drawer Set 5 by Saeya Nyanda
radio: chabins tasuku RADIO!!! by Robinn Magic
lamp: nordari lamp.flowergreen by Jordan Giant
hair brush: Dutchie hairbrush by Froukje Hoorenbeek
clock: [North West] Little Alarm Clock (soft green) by Lili Brink
potted flower: Barcode – Potted Orchid White by Makenzie Iriling
mirror: [North West] Infatuated Floor Mirror by Lili Brinksie (past designers united)

*updating, i missed the last two pictures XD

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  1. 11/23/2010 3:12 PM

    When can I move in? =) What gorgeous atmospheric pictures. Every detail is so perfect, in every sense.

  2. 11/23/2010 9:08 PM

    So beautiful.
    I want to come and do a photo shoot in therefor my blog!!! Invite?

    • 11/24/2010 2:43 PM

      thank you!
      but unfortunatelly everything were returned to my inventory right after the shooting =(
      i dont have my own place cos of lack of money, so a good friend allowes me to rezz my stuff in there and i dont want to spend her prims Oo

  3. lidiaks permalink
    11/24/2010 11:44 AM

    great post but i kinda think its unfair pushing everyone elses posts re posting this again for adding two more pictures

    • 11/24/2010 2:40 PM

      ehr sorry….
      i wrote the credits but the pictures were missing, i thought they were here, but i uploaded only on flickr, then i recieved a flickrmail from someone warning me bout that, so i came here and updated it…

    • 11/28/2010 1:18 PM

      aren’t you funny – she can do what she wants it’s her blog…

      Lovely pics Nina

  4. 11/26/2010 8:50 PM

    Oh please! Pay not attention to ‘Lidiak’s’ comment. I have done the same thing. Gorgeous work by the way! I always love your photography and styling!

    • 11/27/2010 3:42 PM

      i won’t mind since i didnt do that to push everybodie’s else post, my intention was only to update, cos i didnt wanted more ppl asking me where is the y’s house wardrobe and how it looks like decorated…some of my readers don’t look at my flickr stream..but my flickr friends sometimes come to my blog to take note of the credits and one of them noticed that i didnt uploaded the picture…so i uploaded it and updated the post as i commited this mistake i thought it was the best thing to do! =(
      but thank you very much for your comment and cumpliments, Lila! i’m rly glad you enjoyed it!

  5. 12/05/2010 9:54 PM

    LOVE it Nina, LOVE u even more <333


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