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Won’t let you get away…


…without showing you my Halloween outfits. I made three in total this year and Blogged one, but all were worth sharing so i couldn’t wait. I know It’s actually over already in allot of countrys. But hey for some it’s halloween and for others it’s daily wear 😛 So just put it under Fantasy – alternative looks. It was an odyssey to snap  these pictures and not all turned out the way i wanted them too 😦 Oh well, nobody’s perfect, besides I decided to go back to basics anyways.
Blog pictures for the most part should show the outfit off in a nice clear way. I like artistic including shadows etc but I wont “photoshop” my pictures so much anymore. This doesn’t mean all my previous pictures are complete Photoshop work lol I mostly do things to make it more realistic and natural, which still requires allot of time. In the process of learning how to use PS right, with all its functions. So the decision was made to go on with simple style, editing wise.

Ok enough of me, the outfits I truly adore in this post. Found them at a store which was new to me. It always makes me happy to discover new things and with Halloween ahead this store came in quite handy. But I’ll definitely wear these in between to other occasions like alternative grunge days. I am not the hard core Halloween person so for me it’s important that it’s not too much horror.

these cute skins were hard work to get . thanks to Nina i knew they existed. They were LC gifts, don’t ask me how long I waited for those they answer will be: NO Comment! But once i want something I have to have it. I won them for the most part and thankfully the one I weren’t able to get through LC I bought.  Shortly before Halloween they were all on Sale for really reasonable prices, like the owner was suspecting it, that I was so close to IM him about it LOL.

The centaur legs are adorable. They optional leave feathers and snow particles when you walk. I once blogged them for an Rezzable event. But never worn them after again, so it was time. They still had the Invis prim and taking shadow pictures it looked odd. Got rid of it using the prim adjuster they are scripted so i selected only the Invis Prim and de-scaled it till it wasn’t visible anymore. Took quite sometime because in the menu there is 1% step option only. In the end it worked great, with the Alpha Mask of the Bax Prestige Boots.

Hope you enjoy!

Outfit 1
i love 13: “Hiding in trees” outfit (morning dew) (13)
Skin::::Dimbula Rose::: Dark fold skin01_LB
eyes: Exile– ~TV~ Clubbing: Mr. Jefferson
Hair: [rQ]Lazy~Silver~
i love 13: “Russian doll” gloves
[LP] Myth – Centaur Hoof-Winter – Black Swan
poses from my AO mostly Oracul

Outfit 2

Shirt, Body, feather hat: i love 13: “Playsuit” (vintage) (13)
Gloves, Leggings: i love 13: “Russian doll” dress (flesh) (13)
Photoshoot Eye Lashes MOUTH
:::Dimbula Rose::: Dark fold skin02_LB
Exile Crissy 2/kindred
Alienbears– Bloody widow on Sirvart (Purple)
Bax Coen Designs – BAX Prestige Boots White Leather (L Lower Leg)
Poses: dismorph and Inworld at SLC Mainstore latern Poseball
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  1. Lolita Nomura permalink
    11/01/2010 6:59 AM

    One of my favourite posts by you SJ!

    • 11/01/2010 7:13 AM

      awww really? well thank you. Ahahah taking those pictures was a nightmare, then again maybe that was LL’s way of celebrating Halloween with me. I wanted location shots but ended up at my home frustrated without any pics 3 hours later >.< So then i snapped them at my own place…

  2. Lolita Nomura permalink
    11/01/2010 8:19 AM

    I love the styling 🙂 btw nice place u got!

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