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a tiny hideout on the ocean, a cozy place where nones can bother you, sounds good right? >.<

house min.poegin from Nordari by Jordan Giant (modded – 39 prims)
trees: *aG* NarrowTree Large Summer by Alir Flow

boat: Prim Fusion Cuddle Boat by Babydollie Whitfield
books from Magic Nook by Ayumi Cassini (free)
bottle of wine and glass from Drobak by magneto Jie
pillow from +mocha+ (part of a set) by flexagons Villota
cards from Magik Nook – for designers united 3 n/a – by Ayumi Cassini
duck: {theosophy} Rubber Duck (Classic) by Trace Osterham
pier: *~MMG’s~* Broken-Landing pier+handrail_3prim-gray by masomaso Quan

outise bench: *Y’s HOUSE* HONEY BENCH_Dirty Dark Antique by yacchan Clip

towells: {theosophy} Whelston Beach Towel by Trace Osterham
magazines: :::OBF::: 1Prim Decorative Magazines – Square (Cover Change) (part of a set) by Haruka Ackland

chair/side table: .:NsB:. copper set by Emilie Freund
parasol: .:NsB:. ASPEN Parasol (part of a set) by Emilie Freund

grill table: Barcode – Grillmaster Table (goodshit hunt prize n/a?dunno) by Makenzie Irling
veggies: (iTuTu) vegetable bowl by toraji Voom
stool/table: *Y’s HOUSE* Working Table003 and *Y’s HOUSE* Working Stool002 by yacchan Clip
tapot: ~Scribble~ Gacha Teapot/Presenting/White/Flower by Radio Signals
plums from Kinokoko by Hiriko Mayo (free)
candles: Kinokoko – Table Candle by Hiriko Mayo (free)
lemons and mushrooms from Kinokoko by Hiriko Mayo (free)
the rest of the thing on the table are part of (iTuTu) garden tray set /A 02 by toraji Voom
wood: Kinokoko – Round Wood 1 by Hiriko Mayo (free)

credits of each spot, bellow:

shelf w/candles: {theosophy} Lavenham Shelf by Trace Osterham
hat hanger was made by myself n/a
hangers from muu workshop by muu Ceriano

shelves w/books from Junk Ruckus by Miwako Cheney
tv: Treet TV – Model 3 by Thraxis Epsilon (free)
crochet from bitter.vanilla by ichi Swansong
books on floor from Junk Ruckus by Miwako Cheney
plant: Drowsy plant Green by Mai Runo
sofa: ::POOKIE::HARTS LIVING 2seater by suetabulous Yootz
newspaper from Mudhoney by Rayvn Hynes (zombie popcorn hunt prize – part of this set blogged before)
stove: [S2] Oil Stove by sTwo Acker
rug: ~La’Licious~ Bargain Rug! by Amaliscious Destiny (carwash sale, dunno if its still available)
ivies from [LIG] by ino Jie (n/a)

curtains from Coir part of Watermelon Curtains by Bethany Heart
pots: Turnip’s Red Mosaic Pot (albero gacha festival) by Turnip Sorbet
screen: HOC Asian Screen plain by Guu Nish
lamp: nordari lamp.redberry by Jordan Giant (free)
table: R488* StumpTable by greenecho Fanshaw (free)
stools: [LIG]naru_chair by ino Jie (n/a)
flower pot from Mudhoney by Rayvn Hynes (zombie popcorn hunt prize – part of this set blogged before)
watermelon and food beside it, can be found for free @ itutu sim, its a festival prize, i dont know if its still available.
eggs basket: kopi wire basket by surfash Bade
dry plant: part of (iTuTu) garden tray set /A 04 by toraji Voom

wood ‘panel’: [North West] Chaiyya Tree Cups by Lili Brink (new)
rack: STARLUST PANTY RAID:::ponitee by Poponi Wiefel (also on subscribo)
fan: [mdrm]summer gift by naonao2 Ellils
stick dummy from Mudhoney by Rayvn Hynes (zombie popcorn hunt prize – part of this set blogged before)
all bottles from drowsy (n/a)

5 Comments leave one →
  1. 08/22/2010 4:04 PM

    That’s gorgeous! I especially love the patio area – I can nearly _touch_ the summer mood… 🙂

  2. Isabeal Jupiter permalink
    08/23/2010 9:46 AM

    I think that is going to be my happy place when I close my eyes. 🙂

  3. Leeloo permalink
    08/24/2010 9:02 AM

    Wish i had enough prims to recreate this look….calm, peaceful & cozy ❤

  4. 08/30/2010 12:40 AM

    I’ve been wanting to have a home on the water – this will definitely be my inspiration

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