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tunic: –Veschi– Flowrishing turquoise for The Dressing Room Blue by Alla Ruff
hair: Exile Leslie/champagne by Kavar Cleanslate
bracelet: LaGyo_Pretiosa bangle silver/white by Gyorgyna Larnia (new)
skin: Mynerva ~~Sweet Innocence~Vanilla Blonde Brows by Rhapzody Wilde (new – blogged previously here)
pose: GLITTERATI – Jewelry 6

Surprisingly i could enable my shadows on Emerald beta! no other viewer allowed me to do that and i read on foruns and also many ppl told me shadows could be enabled only if you had a ge force 9800 or up and mine is kinda old a ge force 8600 gt!! i tried it again today by curiosity bc Lilie said on her plurk she could see the shadows and her graphic cards is the same as mine if you wanna try to enable shadows, try on emerald, cos it wont work on any other, trust me, i tried lots of time! lol BUT there are some bad things…as you have to set the graphics to ultra on preferences, the performace becomes super slow, if youare wearing alpha layer it wont load and you wont be able to take any snapshot! lol only screenshot 😦 or and there is the anoying sharp edges it is up to you giving a try! emerald beta link is here, the last one to upload 2439 version here:  obviously this picture were heavily photoshoped i can’t help, it feels like i am doing wrong w/o ps! lol hope you enjoy!

listening to: Faith No More – Evidence <<click click!!!! (i cant stop!)

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  1. 07/27/2010 4:01 AM

    Ninaaa, your pics are always so beautiful !!! I love it, soo sweet ❤
    And thanks for the tip on the new emerald beta. Need to try it as I can't enable shadows with any other viewer 😥

    • 07/27/2010 1:28 PM

      aw tyvm Estrella!!
      i hope you can enable them, it’s rly hard to move and do stuff, but its so beautiful to see!

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