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primary and secondary


shelves: Picnic antique wood box – stripe [size change] by nyasyousa Oh
frames: second spaces green fabric prints by Elle Kirshner
bottles: Drowsy  Bottle by BettiePage Voyager (last winter freebie, n/a)
sink/stove: bitter vanilla Kitchen (dark) by ichi Swansong
small tree pot: Mary’s LL ;; Apple Tree Pot by makitan Kidd
salt/pepper: (iTuTu) by toraji Voom
green can: magi take can by Take Lowey
pans: (iTuTu) enamel pan by Kao Sands
fridge: /artilleri/ Dexter fridge (click to change colours) by Antonia Marat
shelf: Turnip’s Tea Table Shelf(Maple)Fifty Linden Friday Special by Turnip Sorbet
bowls: Picnic bowl by nyasyousa Oh
plant: D-LAB star-ivy by dazai Voom
cats: KOPI bali_fishing cat by surfash Bade
cookie jar: [MAGIC NOOK] Cookie Jar (Red) by Ayumi Cassini
jam pots: *yumyum kitchen* blueberry jam / *yumyum kitchen* strawberry jam by toraji Voom
tea/coffee/suger can: {theosophy} Milton Cannister by Trace Osterham
bucket: Kinokoko – Tin Bucket by Hiroro Mayo
basket: Kinokoko – Laundry Basket by Hiroro Mayo
veggies bowl: (iTuTu) vegetable bowl by toraji Voom
breads: TOSL *Bag of Baguettes* by Quinlan Quimby
tea pot: (iTuTu)enamel  tea pot by Kao Sands
mugs: {theosophy} x Duboo* – Milk Mug (rez) / {theosophy} x !Ohmai – Monday Blues Mug (rez) / {theosophy} x This is a Fawn – Breakfast Mug (rez) by Trace Osterham
table: *Y’s HOUSE* Working Table003_copy.ver by yacchan Clip
stool: *Y’s HOUSE* Working Stool002_copy.ver by yacchan Clip

green shelf: *~MMG’s~* StepShelf-Colorfulwood-[L]_2prim by masomaso Quan
flower pot1: [ALBERO] Planter  Picnic 02 by Sakura Gaffer (can be found @ picnic)
flower pot2: [ALBERO] Planter Picnic 03 by shiroyagi Writer (can be found @ picnic)
ducks: BHI_018_Duck_Decoy by beehivemode Jashan
box: Kinokoko – F.Dahlia Box(ASH) by Hiroro Mayo
plants inside the box: part of (iTuTu) garden tray set /A by toraji Voom
flowers: still life **GARDEN** 1prim sculpty yellow chamomile by simatarou Little
basket: second spaces dark wicker basket – shallow by Elle Kirshner
rug: nordari goldie. by Jordan Giant
dresser: (arcade) Wilted Dresser by Izzy Bereznyak (was 50L$ friday color)
bobbin: *~MMG’s~* Wood bobbin_1prim [blue] by masomaso Quan (gatcha iten next to lucky boards)
mug: {theosophy} Grow Tall Mug (rez) by Trace Osterham
flower pot: part of (iTuTu) garden tray set /A by toraji Voom
crochet: bitter vanilla Crochet 2 by ichi Swansong
frame: picnic butterfly by shiroyagi Writer
lamps: Turnip’s Festive Paper Lanterns string of 5 (oriental) by Turnip Sorbet (goodshit hunt prize)
divider: nordari – room divider by Jordan Giant
standing lamp: nordari lamp.redberry by Jordan Giant
chair/ottoman: d-lab-single-sofa-green by dazai Voom
boxes: *~MMG’s~* 1L$ WoodBox-Rectangle_1prim by masomaso Quan
vase: InfiniVase A (Owner Only) – from Basic Elements by Klyks Klees
ivies: [LIG]Flower – Nobudou5-moss1 1 by ino Jie (n/a)

prefab by Zacca (mod/copy) *the blue tiled texture was added, the original texture is a vintage/shabby wallpaper.

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  1. 07/19/2010 11:36 PM

    ainda e praquele campeonato das cores?
    andas inspirada! lindinhi, passaria horas no porch lendo um bom livro!

    • 07/19/2010 11:46 PM

      ai, ainda! T_T
      tive que trocar as paredes da cozinha, mesa e cadeiras p/ter mais jeito q estava antes nem rolava de upar aqui..tava mto mais pra ‘simples cozinha de casinha do campo’ sei lá =/
      mas obrigada! adoro varandas! \o/


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