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Isis is the newest Dutch Touch face. What can i say about Iki’s work? Outstanding? I’d say so!
Dutch Touch is being featured here (and in Timeless blog) for long time and also for long time i’ve been noticing her improvements and hard work. Her skins are not photo sourced, they are all hand drawing and even being hand draw you can notice it has pores! I love how Iki uses shadows and lights, every little part of her body is well ended, there is no glitches on it. And one thing i am often saying is: I LOVE HER EYEBROWS! none can draw eyebrows like Iki does! they doesn’t seems glued, they actually looks like hair coming from inside of the skin! My thumbs up for her! ♥

bracelet (left arm): LaGyo_Watch and charms (resize) by Gyorgyna Larnia (vaudeville 3 no longer available)
corsage: LaGyo_all about flowers (antique pink) by Gyorgyna Larnia
hair: !lamb Sour by Lamb Belic
shoes: Orange Creation #OC# Melanie – jeans by nut Barak
bangles: *YS&YS* TheDeck Anniversary Bangles by Monyka Benelli
skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::IsiS:: Cream – Raw CL1 EBBlond by Iki Ikarus
dress: [KA] The Maxi Bohemian strapless dress – Pink/Brown by redsoledrea GossipGirl
scarf: AOHARU_BT_KnitScarf_G2_Normal/Gray_Large(AttachA/Chest) by machang Pichot
jacket: oyakin*linen-coat(beige by kinbo Akina
pose: Glitterati – Fashion 3 by Katey Coppola

necklace: LaGyo_Euphoria necklace by Gyorgyna Larnia
skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::IsiS:: Cream – Sweet CL1 EBBlond by Iki Ikarus
fur: couverture*vaudevillian fur bolero >white (for designers united 3, but i think there are some @ her store) chocolate Arashi
bodysuit: Maitreya Bodysuit * Green by Onyx LeShelle
tights: Maitreya Allure Tights – Neutral02 by Onyx LeShelle
shoes: Maitreya Gold – Allure-Tights SeaGreen by Onyx LeShelle
gloves: [glow] Gloves Duo Tone – Black Satin by Anemysk Karu
hair: Exile Shirelle/fall by Kavar Cleanslate
pose: ~N~ Water24 by Niq Hax

background is Stein Shilova’s skybox, exclusive for Trilogy (comes w/a hud that changes walls and floor colors)

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  1. Azu Catteneo permalink
    05/13/2010 2:38 AM

    This is so nice!

    Love your pictures!

  2. 05/13/2010 7:21 AM


  3. 05/14/2010 2:20 PM



    this is a super cute style and ISIS looks so good on you

    as all skins do muah <333

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