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I’m not girly today..more news from Phoenix Rising and Addict…enjoy xxx

lashes: Bohemia [ glow ] Studio Eyelashes – Drama 02 by Anemysk Karu
jacket: -Phoenix Rising- Bree Jacket red by Ashoka Eales (NEW)
necklace: [AddiCt]Treasured Peacock Necklace by Kianna Noel (NEW)
hair: .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ AKAMI ~ DB III by Maddox DuPont
gloves: [AddiCt]  Doubs Glove Night Silver(L) by Kianna Noel (NEW)
pants: -Phoenix Rising- Boyfriend Jeans Leg (Baggy) (Dark Wash) by Ashoka Eales (NEW)
boots: MIEL HAI BOOTS – RED by Mika Nieuport
skin: [LeLutka]-IFEsunTan-makeup3(D Brows) by Minnu Palen
shirt: *UB* Simple Tee *white* by Trixi Wuyts

pose by TorridWear
background skybox***city02***Large by tono Kabila

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  1. Sugar Planer permalink
    03/14/2010 5:50 AM

    Nice Outfit and a wonderful pic. 🙂 Greetings Sugar

  2. Valentina Kendal permalink
    03/14/2010 4:13 PM

    /me swoons – great pic!

  3. Jessica permalink
    03/15/2010 12:18 AM

    Hey I too bought this coat and I saw a few others. It is a beautiful coat. There is one problem though maybe you can help me with. I noticed when anyone walks in it the lower part swings all odd, and doesn’t hold fluid (enough) like a aoharu coat or pretty much any of the newer ones I’ve been buying.. sey for example. Did you reattach the lower part up higher or anywhere else? It’s so damn beautiful but it looks weird on people when they walk, compared to other coats.

    any advice?

    • 03/16/2010 9:26 PM

      hmm Jessica, this is a good question, b/c i haven’t noticed while i was walking, i’m always on mouse look and i only change it when i need to take pictures! >.<
      but maybe you can try to attatch it on left pec? i'll try to login and see how it looks while walking and come back here w/a better response..

  4. Jessica permalink
    03/17/2010 5:07 PM

    i tried everything. The best way it doesn’t move weird is to attack to the chest, but then with my AOs like dangerous girl and the newest one from that place, the lower part tends to clip through my hips in certain poses… and my avatar is fairly small. hmm It’s frustrating cause I love the coat, but it’s hard to wear for some reason. It looks odd when people walk in it. There must be a solution.

  5. 03/18/2010 4:36 PM

    Very nice! Gorgeous!

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