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Going to Vegas!


Weeeeeeeee yes I’m finally going somewhere taking a short vacation, packing my bags, suitcases. This is so exciting haven’t been traveling for a long time. It was always more important to me that my home is nice instead of being away for a week or two blow out all my money to come back to a ugly flat and live there for 1 year until I go on my next vacation. The only problem is stying home isn’t a real vacation because I always end up in front of the computer. So this time I decided to leave my save and pretty home and Go to Vegas :D.

I found this look kind of inspiring as thinking about a young woman who wants to start a career as a singer or dancer and leaves her small town for the bog city and success lol sounds like a Movie and it probably is. I got this great Suitcase that can be rezzed and used to sit on with several poses by a friend pose maker of mine chibiuzu
who collaborated with LITHIUM for this. If the Poses don’t fit for your Avi’s Shape you can adjust them 😀 That is why this post has so many pictures as it would have been hard top combine them all and still see detail of outfit + the pose and the suitcase 🙂 But since Nina is the ‘picinator’ I thought it doesn’t hurt if I post a few more this time.

You might have seen this gorgeous dress by Sissy on the feeds it has been out for a few now but yes as you know I’m not the fastest in blogging NEW new things but more like trying to find a cool story and look to incorporate the the different items. Besides can we get enough of a good thing? probably yes lol but I test my luck anyway 🙂 The fabulous jewelry is the first collection released by Kunglers AvaGardner this woman just nailed it. Flowers and fruits are the most natural way to adorn a woman and I guess in this case a fresh and glamorous as well.  You definitely should check them out.

Thank you for stopping by and I see you soon will be back on March 11th so not so long on Hiatus. Oh and for those who want to ask me the question i have been asked already a few times: Are you going there to Marry? Nope, I will come back as single Lady. 😉 As always click Images for a larger view.


_Clyde minidress-wine
[KA] – Aya Capri Tights (*Japan)
(Kunglers Extra) Maracuja
Bax Coen– BAX Prestige Boots Black Suede
[LeLutka]-DIVA lashes
[LeLutka]-EclatSKissed-makeup7(LIGHT BROWS)hairbase_freckles
Belt Jeans-Used Black *REDGRAVE*
Analog Dog– ash miso
Circle Belt silver part of Jeans Glitter by Redgrave

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  1. caroline permalink
    02/25/2010 9:58 PM

    i adore the pictures you look great.. have a nice fun and exiting time in vegas .. enjoy your vacations and have a great time..
    before you leave where can i buy this nice suitcase, and where was this picture taking at,
    i hope i wont bother with this 2 things i will appreciate !!

    • 02/26/2010 8:22 AM

      So Sorry caroline i was tired when posting and forgot to put credit for the suitcase below the post although i had it written in the post at least the name its by :::LITHIUM:::. I also added Surl for this item now.
      About the location that is a tough one sometimes i just see a cool location and snap a background picture then I don’t use it for month until i have a matching outfit for it. I took this picture ages ago and right now i can’t remember where it was anymore :-s should I be able to recall i will update the post and leave it as a reply to your comment as well.
      Thank you for reading and enjoying my post. I hope you will continue in the future



  1. Leaving Las Vegas | MelClub

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