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When I saw this Shoulder Tassels by LeL.Ultra I knew right away I have to style them for a blog and voila here you have the result. I got tackled and hurt during the process but what wouldn’t we do for a great look right? It was hard to find Football attire that didn’t look like 2006…I ended up in Hot Hotter Hottest pants, but hey I can show off my bum 😛 Took me hours to train err adjust it so why not, but in general I’d love to see some really good made costumes and uniforms if any designer reads this 😉

I couldn’t resist these winged “manga” Boots by Tres Mingnon they are a dEVOL Exclusive item and come in 4 colors, not sure that ill be fast as lightning running those yards off but I sure will be they eye-catcher. Enjoy!

WWI Football Jersey White 1
WWI Football Shorts Black
The Abyss [ kass calypto ][ d.olive ][ liner+dirt+cut+b.cheek ][ hair ]
Baiastice_EYES-3rd serie_Brown
Tres Mingnon Wing Sneaker-Boots BLUE dEVOL exclusive
[LeL.Ultra]-MITHRA shoulder tassles
AVZ ~ Imp Hair (Brunette)

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