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AtomicBambi Skins


Hello Everyone!! ^^

AtomicBambi recently released a new skin line called APPLE and a special edition skin called Le Cirque!  The skins are so pretty I’m in love with them!

The APPLE skin comes with five makeup options: Allure, Juicy, Ocean, Pure and Siren. The all makeups come with freckled and not freckled version, glossy lips version and 3 shades of eyebrows: dark, light and red.

From Left to Right:

AtomicBambi-APPLE-Pale-LeCIRQUE-Special Edition / AtomicBambi-APPLE-Pale-Siren-Pale-Rd-Gloss / AtomicBambi-APPLE-Pale-Juicy-Dk-Gloss

From Left to Right:

AtomicBambi-APPLE-Pale-Pure-Rd-Gloss/ AtomicBambi-APPLE-Pale-Allure-Dk-Gloss / AtomicBambi-APPLE-Pale-Ocean-Rd-Gloss

I absolutely loved it and recommend! So go to AtomicBambi MainStore and check it out ^^

Also worn in the photos:

hair: >TRUTH< Minx – chocolate


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