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Baubles & Greets


Really not sure if I can make another post before Christmas…so I take the chance today to send you all my best wishes and a deep deep THANK YOU to all of you for reading, commenting and supporting me!! Every single feedback surprises me each time and I feel always so happy about it!


Hello! 😀

Yes yes yes…I am black again…and darrrrker than everrr!

When I saw on German SL Style that <THE ABYSS> released new dark skins (3 different black tones from gold to bronze to blackness) .. I took the demos, stood there in the store and couldn’t stop to say WoW! This skin is so perfectly done…the nose is the cutest I’ve ever seen and the make ups all gorgeous! Another thing I totally go crazy for is that curled hair base because i love to go without wig often! 🙂

Saying that I go crazy is the perfect transition to show you 2 of CRAZY’s  latest releases. Loan you rock! ❤

And another new release made my jaw drop down…I am talking about LAGYO’s Skull collection! Already when I saw the anticipation on her flickr stream I was like a headless chicken looking for her LM *_* I love skulls..I love diamonds…I love Gyorgyna for this awesomeness! Check out the other pieces of these sets!

Enough talking and I hope you like the mix! 🙂



Skin – <The Abyss> , Ama Garijus midnight carbon   NEW

Hair – Lelutka (MMS Hair) , Magdalena jet (old group gift)

Jacket – Emery , Sheena black   NEW

Overall – *Crazy* , Kiss Overall   NEW

Boots – J’s , Ankle Boots black

Gloves – *Coco* , Long Gloves black

Bracelet, Earrings, Ring – LaGyo , Skulls dark   NEW

Poses – DARE



Skin – <The Abyss> , Ama Garijus midnight glow   NEW

Hat – Epoque , Baggy Knit Hat (colorscripted) –50L friday

Sweater – Sweetest Goodbye , Dambi charcoal

Jacket – *Coco* , Check Swing Coat grey   NEW

Pants – Sey , Cargo Pants mocha

Belt – Sey , Rabbit & Snake belt   NEW

Boots – WMD , RBoots multicolor

Socks – Pididdle , Scunchy Wool Socks clay   NEW

Earrings – Dark Mouse , Banks Earrings copper



Skin – <The Abyss> , Ama Garijus midnight femme fatale

Jacket – LeLutka , Camden Coat black

Hat – Gritty Kitty , Surly The Cyclops hat (modded)

Pants – Lelutka , Rockin’ Pants black

Boots – Bax , Prestige Boots suede black   NEW



Skin – <The Abyss> , Ama Garijus midnight glow

Hair – Maitreya , Zoe kala jeera

Jacket – Aoharu , Leather Tailored brown   NEW (men item, modded)

Sweater – *Crazy* , Panama Sweater beige   NEW

Pants – *Coco* , Ankle Pants nougat

Shoes – Tesla , High Oxford chocolate

Socks – Djunk , Tarvik pale sand   FREE

Necklace – Shade Throne , Gala black

10 Comments leave one →
  1. 12/12/2009 7:43 AM

    yay! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 yes you are!

  2. 12/12/2009 7:51 PM

    u r welcome! =p

    you changed the outfits! lol

    i knew you were going to end completely different from what you showed me! you terrible!

    as always amazing choices ❤

    hope to talk to you iw…my tests are over, im going to have more time to send w/nothing =p

    love you!

    • 12/13/2009 3:48 PM

      when do I ever blog an outfit I already declared “ok..THIS version I’ll post” LooooL …too much stuff…too much choices…and never a concept *_*

      I am not much IW lately huni…but try to catch you at least before xmas! geee …that sounds apocalyptic said by ME! :\

      Thank you for everything you gave me! I love you too! :**

  3. Nadja Baxter permalink
    12/13/2009 8:00 PM

    wieder einmal eine tolle serie 🙂 tolle outfit und großartig in szene gesetzt !

  4. 12/16/2009 4:50 PM

    Cozy looks! I Love that first piece! So sexy!
    And the skins look great on you!

    • 12/18/2009 5:24 AM

      yessss lucy…that jumpsuite is so so sexy…plus dare’s poses… I feel like a dancing queen (not the first time *_*)
      TYYYY dear Muah!

  5. Sex Offcourse permalink
    12/17/2009 2:30 PM

    You’re Black – beautifully black.
    You’re Magic – even more beautfully magic.
    You’re Woman – which is the biggest compliment of all.

    NOTE:following should be considered as an IM.

    I Got a Black Magic Woman
    I Got a Black Magic Woman
    Yes, I Got a Black Magic Woman
    She’s got me so blind I can’t see
    But she’s a Black Magic Woman
    She’s tryin to make a devil out of me
    Don’t turn your back on me baby
    Don’t turn your back on me baby
    Yes, don’t turn your back on me baby
    Don’t mess around with your tricks
    Don’t turn your back on me baby
    You just might wake up my magic sticks
    You got your spell on me baby
    You got your spell on me baby
    Yes, you got your spell on me baby
    Turnin my heart into stone
    I need you so bad
    Magic Woman I can’t leave you alone

    • 12/18/2009 5:29 AM

      LOOOOL Santana!!! I wish I could reply with a song too but all songs I rem start with ” are you crazy?!..” end with “..WOMAN”! Oo Why aren’t there any songs about crazy men like you?
      now I go back under my rock thinking about that “You might wake up my magic stick” :-O perv! hahahahaahaha 😛 Muah!

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