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i go different


today! 😀

this time i wont bug anyone w/my massive looks! Today i want to show some skins that i havent blog yet, and about a place that i love since my first visit – Drowsy – home of Kurotsubaki, Zero Number (0N), BettiePage BP* and Clowdy.


So, there’s an Autumn Festival going on @ Drowsy, they put the clothes inside the waggon, and these were decorated w/lots of trunks! i wish i could have them all! lmao (yea i go insane w/trunks, suitcases) they are not for sell tho – cries – go there and take a look, picture, buy there stuff, have fun and enjoy the sim! now im going to show you some pictures.

Drowsy Waggons

0N prefab

BP* jackets

BP* blouses

BP* tights

Kurotsubaki cardigans

Kuritsubaki cardigans - more colors -

Kurotsubaki cardigans - Black -

Cloudy tunics


Now skins!!

every girl i know irl are shopaholics  and here is not different,but there is a huge difference  in sl we can change our genetics in matter of seconds! ebony to pale, brunete to blonde, blue eyes to black eyes and we do have much fun w/this! 😀

These are some releases i’d like to show! They are @ skin fair, except for Black n1.

Dutch Touch new Jolie skin, comes w/3 brows options, w or w/o freckles and 2 cleavage options. 1st face shows brown brows,  freckles – 2nd face shows blonde brows, freckles (and clavage 2) – 3rd face shows black brows and no freckles.

Dutch Touch - Jolie -

Dutch Touch - Jolie body

Free Speerit new Katherine skin, comes w or w/o stripe, black and blonde brows (stripe too) and blonde is colorable if  i’m not wronged. This is my favorite tone (although i think it could be less orangey), but there are more 2 different tones available.

Free Speerit - Katherine -

Free Speerit - Katherine body

Uzuri skins are new to me altought i already knew this store! The face is very cute, is hard to find good dark skins around! Here i only showed the smoke ones, there are also the naturals.

Uzuri - Jez -

Uzuri - Jez body -

Beauty Avatar new Daria and Zeta skins. Beauty Avatar is already known for making pouty lips, these are not different, but they have new textures and better shades/highlights on body. They are very different from each other (i can’t deny that i like Daria more but i wish it had Zeta’s eyes) Daria has thin brows and Zeta thick brows.

Beauty Avatar - Daria and Zeta -

Beauty Avatar - Daria and Zeta body -

Black n0. 1 is a new to me skin store too. when i re-joined sl, i saw @ Free Style that there group was giving out a skin, and i liked it! the body is very well done so are the shades. the only thing i didnt like was the shadow on the chin and under it. overall its a beautiful skin. there are more tones available too, here i showed the dark tan!

Black no. 1 - Mecca -

Black no. 1 - Mecca body -

Hair worn is Maitreya – Green – Caramel (my fave color ❤ )

and poses by LAP (long awkward poses)

That’s all!  Hope you enjoy!

don’t forget to click the pictures if you want to see them bigger!

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  1. 11/19/2009 2:07 AM

    adorei a ideia de mostrar os detalhes dos skins! afinal, ninguém melhor do que você para notar as nuances! próximo post quero mostrar minhas novas aquisições também. estou apaixonada pela minha Dutch Touch nova!
    e quantas roupas fofas nesse trem!

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