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Ethereal & Energetic


[angelllina for  SL  à  PORTER]

Calmness…………quiet………..peace…………floating. Very rare in SL but that was the major feeling of my last week.

Hello! 😀

This post I show you a “gridwide premiere” lol….I am wearing a LIGHT skin!! In other words , I am a Light-Skin-Virgin YAY! Since my first day in SL I always picked just dark skins or tanned ones, but LELUTKA’s group gift made me very curious that I didn’t buy just the umber tone but also the light. And I have to say….I still recognize me in this skin…it’s still me….and I loooove this doll in light! Hooooo  🙂

My outfits are based on  the make ups I chose…adding new releases from LELUTKA, the DESIGNERS UNITED II event, LAMB’s uber popular new hair and  GFIELD’s animal prints.

(Little side note…I repost my toe shoes –this time in their original colour- as I have a “pas de deux-date” with Chance and hope he fancy my angelic (!) appearance! hahaha <3)

Hope you all like! 😀




Skin – LeLutka, Eclat Light 7

Hair – [OH] , Oh My Julia, off black  NEW

Shirt – COCO, Long Sleeves Sweater black

Cape – (Milk Motion), my crow cape with bow (DU II)

Skirt – *SHAI*, part from Kimora Evening Gown (50L Friday)

Leggins – Sugarcube, Send me your sun leggins

Belt – LeLutka, part from Feather Dress

Shoes – Detour, London Flats

Bag – Last Ride, Crown Bag

Head Dress – !!WILD O!!, Flower Garden black




Skin – LeLutka, Eclat Light 1 dark brows

Hair – Mirone, Ceria V2 NEW (retextured)

Dress – (Madsy), Anna Minidress black

Blazer – (Madsy), Blazer black

Tights – 5th&Oxford, part from Lit. Miss blush

Shoes – *GF* GField, Figure Pumps zebra brown  NEW

Scarf – *GF* GField, Muffler zebra brown  NEW

Necklace + Earrings – Gems & Kisses, Satin Gold Set

Bag – SEY, Studs Crown Bag (luckychair)




Skin – LeLutka, Eclat Light 1 light brows

Hair – !Lamb, Say powder, (part from black pack)  NEW

Shirt – Sugarcube, part from Meduse outfit (DU I)

Pants – Paper Couture, part from Caration Jacket

Skirts – Gumi’s Bad Box, Frilled Baby Doll sheer (it’s copy so I am wearing 2)

Shoes – B@r, Toe Shoes

All Flower Attachments – LIKKA*HOUSE, part from The Name Of The Rose outfit (2nd anniversary gift)

Garter Ribbon – B@r, part from Bridal Harness outfit




Skin – LeLutka, Eclat Light 2

Turban – CeCubic Effect, Bohemian Glow black

Jacket – Lelutka, Sage Coat  NEW

Sweater – PIG, Chenille Turtle Neck

Boots – Bax, Prestige Boots black

Leggins – Glow Studio, It Was U leggins black  NEW

Earrings – Glow Studio, Glow Earrings Sequins

bloody techno test1



Skin – LeLutka, Eclat Light 4 light brows

Jacket – LeLutka, Gemmas One Woman Army Coat in gun shot  NEW

Pants – Sn@tch, part of Slick Latex and Sarees outfit (old group gift)

Shoes – R2, Akamai black

Gloves – B@r , part from Decadence outfit

I Pod – Bukka, I Pod touch

Headphones – Savvy Avvy, az Slony pro DJ headphones

32 Comments leave one →
  1. Vega Arida permalink
    11/01/2009 10:06 AM

    Amazing post angellina!! as always muaaa

  2. 11/01/2009 10:44 AM

    hahahaha Vega…was right writing a TY-comment for the add on flickr!! TYY so much! <3<3

  3. 11/01/2009 11:49 AM

    I’m working on the choreography for the dance…..amazing post Angel!

  4. Kynne permalink
    11/01/2009 12:06 PM

    Hey Angel, Great post !
    I was trying to find *GF* GField inworld, but i could not find it, it didn’t show in search. Same for Wild Oh
    Could you help ?
    Thank you so much !
    Keep up the good work !


  5. 11/01/2009 12:27 PM

    Kynne! Ty so much for reading and commenting!! XXX

    Here comes LM for GField :
    and this should be the slurl for wildo :

  6. 11/01/2009 12:33 PM

    great post Angellina, and OMG, u look stunning with the light skins! The first outfit is to die for, amazing!

  7. 11/01/2009 2:27 PM

    amazing stylings:)

  8. zyma caffarelli permalink
    11/01/2009 6:10 PM

    signorina tedeschi, im speachless! beautifull pictures, amazing outfits and a stunning lady 🙂 big compliments – fantasticooo!

  9. 11/01/2009 6:21 PM

    omg each image is so stunning! *faints* I wow-ed almost every time when I scrolled down!

    • 11/02/2009 5:10 PM

      AWWWW THANK YOU-just DONT faint-I need your posts-you are sooo inspiring and love to stare at YOUR pics!! <3<3<3

  10. 11/01/2009 7:15 PM

    all gorgeous pictures. amazing job!! 😀

  11. Dusky Jewell permalink
    11/02/2009 10:37 AM

    You are one of the rare bloggers that have style. Every post I have seen from you is impressive. Eye popping in a sea of meh. Thanks for your contributions to fashion in SL.

    • 11/02/2009 5:21 PM

      ….omg…I really needed some time to reply to your comment..
      I just could say : Hey ! you made my day! But I am also really impressed/flattered/scared (?) that somebody see my posts (see me) this way! I always tend to feel humbled (I mean hyper self critical and aaaaalways insecure about what I am doing -.- ) but this time I just like to ENJOY your comment and the feeling you gave me with it! so..a deep, sincere and joyful Thank You Dusky! *_*

  12. Dusky Jewell permalink
    11/02/2009 9:21 PM

    I understand. I call it like I see it. I usually am afraid to compliment fashionistas, to avoid being labeled a “fangirl”. I am bored with the majority of fashion blogs. Yes, many do work hard to put their outfits, and photos together. But only a very few actually have a styling talent. So, please keep blogging. Your styling is a great compliment to the creations you wear.

    • 11/03/2009 11:20 AM

      hahahaha ..label you a fangirl never came on my mind, no worries! groupies are for popstars lol. but I have to agree with all you said…bloggers are working hard (the ones I know) and everybody has his own view of styling. talent or not…fashion is individual and subjective. And I am so happy you like my interpretations!! HUGGS!! 😀

  13. Carolina Sautereau permalink
    11/03/2009 12:43 AM

    You know what I think lol I always love your styling and your pictures are gorgeous like you 🙂 Great post >.<

    • 11/03/2009 11:22 AM

      I wish my portuguese would be more than just saying : obrigada caroooool!!!

    • 11/03/2009 11:41 PM

      eu sei!!! Eu poderia usar esse anteriores! e agora eu acabei de dizer novamente: ingredientes para fazer nhoque italiano … não! aguardar! IM errado *___*
      uauauauhauahauahau 😛

  14. 11/06/2009 4:10 AM

    you are the moust perfect av in sl… the moust original!

  15. 11/11/2009 4:46 PM

    the 1st one is my fav! So elegant! and yes you look great with light skins too!

  16. 11/05/2010 6:36 AM

    I seen your post on Farah Palmer Blog…
    Really great Works…



  1. *toprated* « Farah’s Fashion Expression

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