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for my illness pls >.<

some fast updates:

sl status: not in, but ot out

carola zabelin status: not active and i think i wont rehave her, my bank and linden lab are taking too long to investigate this credit card shit.

nina fessbeinder status: my actual avatar, active (not much, but already my sweetheart =D  )

hmm Halloween is coming, here in Brazil we dont commemorate it (only english courses) but we always thinks its an interesting and fun date. Our couture and folklore is different, before the europeans came (april, 1500), we never had witches, vampires, warewoves, elfs, gnomes, faeries…after our colonization there miths were introduced here and mixing w/indian folklore…and then the africans came and introduced their own folklore too. Well, im a HUGE history fan, but i wont bug anyone w/my brazilian stuff! Taking advantage of this halloween thing, im going to blog one look, because this Dernier Cri, Charlotte skin has inspired me! ❤

and some news to me things like this Luck inc dress which has amazing textures and awesome colors.

COCO riding boots and tuxedo jacket (only belt shown). COCO is one of my favs stores, i love there design, textures and sculpties quality.

Eclat, the new Lelutka’s darling, amazed me in all ways! new textures, body details (take a look at that ass when you try the demos!!!!) i thought no skins after London could win me and i thought nothing would replace it! wrong me! it’s totally different from the previous skins and i know some ppl were surprised because they were expecting something like london…but you know, it was a delicious surprise and it looks awesome on most shapes ive seen. The mouth and eyebrows are my favorite details, nose shading is amazing too. i think it’s totally worth the price 😀 and yeahyeah im a Lelutka fan and it always exceeds my expectations.

and for last but not less important, this new glow’s bracelet! have i ever mentioned that i LOVE peacocks??? its my fave bird, your grace has always fascinated me! and when i saw this bracelet i knew i had to have it!! and it looks so much like our indigenous accessories!!

as always i like to thank all my friends for their support and help, love you! ♥

hair: !lamb. Stargaze – Chocolate Bars Pack
shirt/undershirt: !Ohmai : Gale Underlayer – halloweencandy + sassysketch
jacket: (Madsy) Blazer – black
boots: *COCO*_RidingBoots_Black
belt: part of *COCO*_TuxedoJacket_Gray
necklace: *Kotolier Marin-II UnisexNecklace (Size S) – free
pants: *Muism* VSL damaged jeans/Washed
bracelets: [ glow ] studio – silver thin bracelets (light)
skin: [LeLutka]-Eclatlight – Thank you Group Gift

trunk – izumiya – gg trunk mid/red – gatcha 20 L
pants: *BOOM* Seaman Pants-Red Cross
shirt: *Linc* Petite Black Grey Stripes
shoes: *YS&YS* Special Opening GroupGift
horns: ::69:: Sweet Devilkin HORN – grp gift
bracelet: [glow] Studio Lowicz Peacock Wood Branclets
skin: [LeLutka]-Eclatlight – Thank you Group Gift
hair: fri. – Mika – Dramatic Red
necklace: Kyccie’s Gift “Farewell” Box Apo (N/A)
gloves: {paper.doll} LacedGloves-Black

pose: sc – mode 22
pic taken @ *COCO*

stockings: Angel Dessous
tattoo: aitui
skins/eyes: part of (Dernier Cri) Zombie Avatar = free
necklace: *HAMIs* ACC_ LongLuxuryNecklace*
dress: *Linc* Petite Snake Black
jacket: part of ::: B@R ::: Donna
bag: ::: B@R ::: Evita Black
boots: BAX Ankle Boots Black Patent
headband: part of Tiny Bird – Millionaire – Pepper  (old 50L friday special)
hair: {fascino} Lucia Chocolate
gloves: {paper.doll} LacedGloves-Black

taken @ avalon catacombs


hope you enjoy!

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  1. Carolina Sautereau permalink
    10/18/2009 1:27 AM

    Ameiii tdo XD uma coisa que me frustra é q não achei as benditas das calças jeans qdo fui na Muism agora já eraaa kkkk
    Nossa preciso correr c meu post e eu to c uma preguiçaaaa +___+ kkkk

  2. 10/18/2009 5:58 PM

    awwww 3rd pic just make me HUGGGG u …u look so lost and shy and in need for protection.
    *whispers* : come to denmark with me ma babay! hahahahahah

    <3<3<3<3 youuuuuuuuuuuuu and only youuuuuuu *sings*
    am i drunk? yesssmam! not like a cow – but yes ….. *__*

  3. 10/18/2009 8:08 PM

    huahuahuahua Angell spreading drunk love is funny!

    Quer dizer que nada da velha avatar…tá demorando mesmo! bom pelo menos agora você deve se achar no inventário! às vezes tento fazer uma limpeza, mas dá muita preguiça!

    acredita que nem dei unpack nesse skin da lelutka? tenho que experimentar e fazer um post com ele tbm, né? hehehehe
    esse fds eu fiquei comemorando o mestrado.
    adorei a foto em avalon! ficou demais!


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