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Tricks & Treats


OOOOOK…this is a long post NOT about Halloween!! I hope you don’t mind!

My title refers just to some tricks I use IW and about the treats I’ve got this week and want to share with you!

Hello! 😀

As I said above…Halloween is really not “my thing” – I wont wear a destroyed skin, bloody eyes or putting a pumpkin on my boobs *.* (oh! do I hear some multispankers arriving? hehehehe :P) BUT I love the designers creativity when it comes to occasions like this.

Example : first look’s hair , I loooove! It’s a Halloween gift from DERNIER CRI! I just tinted the brown hair in pink, trying to create this rock/punk look. One thing I always do is tinting, I tint ALL, from hair to jewels or to clothes. Another thing I often do is buying men’s stuff, hoping obviously that the resize script or the modifiable prim isn’t blocked on a minimum which is still too big for me –.-

Another trick is changing often my lashes. Lashes can change a basic skin into a whole different look and make you change expression. All pics here were taken with FREE SPEERIT’s group gift of Fiona Skin (finally released!!), and I never look the same 🙂

Then…..LELUTKA released their Eclat skin in dark YAY! When I received their group gift in a lighter skin tone I so hoped that there will be also a darker version…and yesssss ! Just after 2 days they released the dark and the umber tone. I just took the pics wearing the hair base and the included ‘photoshoot lashes’ – still have to make some small changes on my mouth shape (big huh? lol), -that is another thing I always do with each new skin….

Ok , take a look and I hope you all like! 😀



Skin – Free Speerit – Fiona glow, GROUPGIFT

Hair – (Dernier Cri) – part from the complete Avatar Zombie Outfit FREE

Jacket – COCO , sheared mink shrug NEW

Top – Emery , Loop suit black

Pants – Zaara , Ishaya velours slacks

Boots – -WMD- , RBoots multicolor (scripted for 9 colors!!)

Scarf – dEVOL , loose scarf leopard (men!) , size script NEW

Belt – Digit Darkes , Asaka belt black

Gloves – LeeZu , Nif Nif gloves

Glasses – Pippo’s Optical , Aviator chiara



Hair – *0 Style* zero style , Pompadour black

Jacket – *crazy* , part from Sonic outfit

Tunic – Niniko, natural tunic beige

Top/bra – Deetalez , part of Hot mini dress

Leggings – SMS , damask tights brown GROUPGIFT

Boots – [hoorenbeek] , Woman cowgirl boots used brown

Bag – (Shiny Things) , Favorite leather bag brown

Feathers –  FD fashionably dead , Hair stuff , kill the white swan

Bracelet – Shade Throne , Dungeons coins GROUPGIFT #14

Scarf – CEZ. , Fur muffler & stole set (3 different furs)

Belt – *Hot Lala , part from Tootsy outfit



Hair – Magika , Jessica (they had a short sale)

Dress – Exclusive (former Victoria V) , Kayla knit mini dress NEW

Pants – Fishy Strawberry , Corduroy treggings black NEW

Poncho/Cape – B@r , part of Chidori outfit

Shoes – Maitreya , Neyya toecap white NEW

Necklace + Bracelet – *RR* , Rosenkavalier NEW

Ring – (NS) , Quantum diamond ring

Belt – Digit Darkes , Flore belt black



Hair/Hat – W&Y , Hair 7 , A type (hat and hair colour scripted!)

Jacket – COCO , Tuxedo jacket black NEW

Skirt – =Zenith= , part from Isabel outfit

Tights – *blowpop* , Seamed fishnet black NEW

Shoes – B@r , Toe Shoes (tinted! come in white or rose colour)

Brooch – A&A Fashion , Spider silver (changed from leg to pec position) TY Agnieszka! ❤

Gloves – *Luna’s Boutique* , part from Dark matter outfit , MM-GIFT

Bag – Glow Studio , Vinatge clutch silver



Hair – MrS , Lulu , short hair black NEW

Dress – *crazy* , Calla outfit

Pants + Cuffs – M *a *ii *k *i , part from Streep outfit dark grey

Tights – *blowpop* , Seamed fishnet tights black NEW

Socks – Pig , Knee sock with suspenders

Shoes – Maitreya , Neyya patent black NEW

Hat – LaGyo , Noir desire, noble amazon hat gold

Necklace + Earrings – Ryca , I love chain 2 gold

Bracelet – Ryca , Chain bracelet gold

Fur – Rahz Store, part of Coly brown (old gift)

Belt – M * a * ii * k * i – High waisted belt patent black








eclat_umber_011 i tried all to put 2 pics in a row…failed! :\

1. Lelutka – Eclat Umber, base ; Earrings – Glow Studio , Folk Forest NEW

2. Lelutka – Eclat Umber , Make up 3 ; Earrings – Glow Studio , Krakow gold

3. Lelutka – Eclat Umber , Make up 6 ; Earrings – Glow Studio , Angel

4. Lelutka – Eclat Umber , Make up 7 ; Earrings – Glow Studio , Fatal purple

5. Lelutka – Eclat Umber, Make up 1 ; Earrings – Glow Studio , Folk round blue mosaic NEW

6. Lelutka – Eclat Umber , Make up 5 ; Earrings – Glow Studio , Snake gold

7. Lelutka – Eclat Umber , Make up 4 : Earrings – Glow Studio , Krakow brown

8. Lelutka – Eclat Umber , Make up 2 ; Earrings – Glow Studio , Glam

a huuuuge TY Anemysk & Linka!! ❤

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  1. maiandemma permalink
    10/15/2009 9:22 AM

    you look very cool in all the pictures!!
    I was wondering how to find CEZ? couldn’t find the LM?

    • 10/15/2009 9:39 AM

      TYY maiandemma!
      As soon as I log in will look for the LM…if you want contact me IW…otherwise I’ll post the slurl here 🙂

  2. maiandemma permalink
    10/15/2009 11:02 AM

    thank you Angelllina :))

  3. applonia permalink
    10/15/2009 12:03 PM

    You look absolutely AMAZING!!! I Love your Styling Done with such Perfection. Keep Up the Great work ❤

  4. Carolina Sautereau permalink
    10/15/2009 12:12 PM

    Great post Angell! I loved specially the second look you look absolutely gorgeous!

  5. 10/15/2009 1:04 PM

    Love these – excellent job!

  6. 10/15/2009 1:08 PM

    Stunning! Very impressive work Angelllina!

  7. Vega Arida permalink
    10/15/2009 2:44 PM

    omg amazing work! love love this post 😛

  8. 10/15/2009 4:13 PM

    its so sexy, wonderful and lots of emotions! thank you!

  9. Chance G. permalink
    10/15/2009 5:22 PM

    OMG WOW.. every single look is flawless! LOVE the W&V hat with ballet slipper that is just genius! HUG!

  10. 10/15/2009 7:25 PM

    I really enjoy this post GREAT work :)) <3<3

  11. 10/15/2009 10:00 PM

    20 points for beautiful use of fishnets!

  12. 10/16/2009 6:54 AM

    Oh wow!!! So much comments of appreciation! Believe me , I would love to squeeze each of you !! ❤ Thank you all so so much , I am still blown away *_* and pretty speechless.

    and Annyka…your tights are the best and most realistic fishnets I've ever seen, the shades on the leg are STUNNING! 20 points and 5 stars! 😀

    TYYYY all again

  13. 10/18/2009 8:03 PM

    Lelutka skin is awesome! I’ve tried all of them! So perfect! The make-ups look great on you!
    Once again, cool looks! :o)

  14. 10/19/2009 11:31 PM

    amazing post, i want a lot of items what u wore here

    and thanks for sharing glow earrings:)))

    Beautiful Angelllina!:)

  15. 12/22/2009 8:09 AM

    Just WAW! The first look is awesome! The rest is following this way too!
    I’m disappointed of myself for having seen this post just now! lol
    It’s amazing you totally rock! Hope to see you soon around here!
    Merry xmas to you ♥ Eme


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