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Bold & Beautiful


Hahaha…you thought I am referring to Ridge-the-bold-jaw-Forrester and the rest of this pitiful family? Hell no , how could you?! :\

Hello! 😀

This week was a knock-out for my finance balance.

Muism was one of the first stores I admired from far as a noob…once I LIVED in front of their lucky chair just for winning their frilly silk blouse! When I heard of their 2nd anniversary and sale I already had a mental shopping list ready. I’ll show you only SOME of the items I took (yes, I have 3 times more :\ and YES! I am having a bad conscious!!)

Then I got a note from my Belleza group announcing their new Jesse skin, I tried the demo and only a fragment of a second later I yelled “Miiiine! That’s Meeee”     >_<

The Mix & Mingle hunt (Blog & Info here) started and I just did the few first locations, I love the gifts so far and show you here some items. Curious thing was that Beauty Avatar placed their hunt gift EXACTLY behind the dress I wanted to buy for such a long time, obviously I couldn’t resist and bought it…Can I call this decree of fate?! Lol

Hope you like the outfits!! ❤



Skin – Belleza , Jesse deeptan (NEW)

Hair – (VW) now Epoque , Pushed and Shoved black

Ribbon – !VA! Vanity Hair , Sweetest Night Ribbon  (group gift)

Top – Noir Lolita , White Silk Shirt (FREEBIE)

Ruffle – *AU V* , part from Viche outfit (NEW)

Pants – Aoharu , Bt Sarrouel Pants black

Boots – Bax , Prestige Boots black

Gloves – Indyra Originals , Urban Agenda (older hunt gift)



Skin – Belleza , Jesse deeptan (NEW)

Hair – !VA! Vanity Hair , Toapz noir

Coat – Muism , The Chic Coat Houndstooth (SALE)

Dress – Beauty Avatar , Kenzia Dress

Earrings – (FD) , Obcidian

Bag – Lelutka , Trisch bag

Socks – Corduroy , Puji’s Kneehights black

Broche – Cento Pallini , Pin Brooch (september group gift)

Glasses – FNKY! , Semitone Glasses

Gloves – Leezu , Nif Nif black

Shoes – Ooops sorry , no info about store available anymore :\



Skin – Belleza , Jesse deeptan (NEW)

Hair – (AL) Another Level , Aphro large

Dress – Kim Bodysuits , Le Graffiti

Fur – *DNR* , Avana Fur Coat brown

Boots – Bax , Prestige Boots brown (NEW)

Leggings – *LINC* , Low Cut Mesh Leggings

Necklace – Shade Throne , The One Pound Necklace

Earrings – Shade Throne , The Empire



Skin – Belleza , Jesse deeptan (NEW)

Hair – a.C.-Std. Gloxhair , Cheerno Trend black

Jacket – Muism , Leather Bomber Jacket black (SALE)

Dress – Beauty Avatar , Dolly Dress (Mix&Mingle Hunt GIFT)

Skirt – Leezu , part of Magdalena Flexi Dress (Mix&Mingle Hunt GIFT)

Boots – Milk Motion , My Worn Ankle Boots (NEW)

Leggings – Glow Studio , It Was Me Leggings bright (NEW)

Earrings – Glow Studio , OMG! Earrings (NEW)

Belt – Muism , Flexi Design double thin belt (SALE)

Scarf – Muism , Crinkle Scarf white (SALE)

Necklace – ***TBP , Antique Key&Lace Necklace

Tired of shopping? Lagging with hunts? What about visiting an Art Exposition? 😀

My friend Sanam Sewell is having one at the “Virtual Art Space”  -DIABOLUS- camera obscurahere is the TP !! Her pictures are so beautiful and so worth a visit!! <3!!

Exposition will last 2 weeks.




Sanam @ Diabolus

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  1. Carolina Sautereau permalink
    10/03/2009 5:21 PM

    awwwww awwwwww I LOVE IT!! You lookkk soooo sooo cuteeee XD

  2. 10/07/2009 6:04 PM

    again jus great looks. I love the way how u use black & white colors :))) Hugz!

  3. 10/08/2009 4:29 AM

    The second skin is really perfect for you! Love it!

  4. 10/08/2009 5:08 AM

    u diva!! ❤

  5. 10/10/2009 10:44 AM

    diva skin and diva soul ! you both understood my deep pixel soul! hahahahaha
    OBRIGADA !! :***


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