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some news (not that new anymore) and unposted things.


hi!! the weekend is already coming!! i couldn’t be happier!
i bet you are too :p
hmm im not in a talkative mood lately (if i ever been one day) but i have a few
things to say!

1 – Lelutka has released their last summer collection itens, everybody
knows that, i know, i know..but one thing rly surprised me: Aradia made hair! :O
thats cool because she works with them for a long time and now as designer too ^___^

2 – Miel won my heart since i saw it on Uma’s blog, and it became one of my fav stores
ever! the sculpts are high quality and very well textured, i love the fabrics, the clothes
design and those pants are already one of my fav pieces in my invo ❤

3 – i am NOT “the accessorie woman” i almost dont wear it irl, only 2 rings, my plugs, piercings
and nothing more, im not different in sl..but since i bought my first necklace at Lagyo im always
giving an excuse to wear her stuff, she is very creative and her things goes from retro to modern.

4 – another store which won my heart is Milk Motion, im always blogging her outfits and repeating
pieces :p they never bores me!!!! the harem pants together with the loose t-shirt and pocahontas
sandals are my fav pieces 😀
5 – Duth Touch has released one more skin, its called Dune! (becautiful body and face, click the
picture to see the details better or go get the demo! ) Iki inproved a lot her skinner skills, you
can check at her mainstore and see by yourself.

6 – i love Bare Rose dot
i have no words for June’s creations, they are pieces of art to me (and very cheap for it’s quality)

7 – i found most of these looks lost inside my blog’s folder!! lmao
I’m terrible and lately forgeting about everything!!! i think the german got me!!!

8 – enough, my english sucks and i’m tired of this talky talk :p


skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::DUNe:: Caramel wineredlips
shoes: *Kookie* Powder Puff – Sun Gold
hair: [LeLutka]-KIANNA Hair_S – Coffee Brown


skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::DUNe:: Caramel wineredlips
shoes: *Kookie* Powder Puff – Sun Gold
hair: [LeLutka]-KIANNA Hair_S – Coffee Brown
vest: [Pink] 9teen Halter Vest – black
jacket: AOHARU_BT_WavyTrenchCoat_Ivory
necklace: LaGyo CIRCUS_Siamese twins necklace black
pants: MIEL MO POCKET PANTS – coal
eyes: pc eyes by LL – dark wood
socks: Pig – Socks Mit Suspenders – Antique Mint Sock (tinted)
bag: P.C – The Blossom Bag (noir)
shirt: ~Street Magic~ white Collared Shirt


skirt: (part of) Armidi Limited – Keiko Tunic Dress [Black]
shoes: N-core HIGH SCHOOL XtremeHeel Black
umbrella: * *Sweetaholic/Japanese Umbllera/01
tattoo: .:::: dEVOL ::::. Peony&Peacock Tattoo
shirt: (part of) ::: B@R ::: Mini Miko Type 2
skin: JM:Mai skin_devonz sakuran nomal
eyes: pc eyes by LL – dark wood
corsage: tomoto, jour – corsage nuit blanche
hair: Uw.St  Charlotte-Hair  brown


dress: tomoto, jour – corneille
skin: (LAZOLLI) – Jade skin -03E
shoes: * Kookie * Phoebe – Noir
corsage: **Amrita**Hair Dress [Clematis-Dark feather]
gloves: *LeeZu Baxter* Nif Nif Gloves blue
hair: Kin-Raine-[White]
eyes: pc eyes by LL – dark wood
tights: Pig – Peacock Tights2

background: BehaviorBody-MiniRoom-props- V1.0
AO: BehaviorBody Elegance & Garbo AO V1.0

this Behaviorbody mini room is rly awesome for blog pictures
(or self portrait or anything you want), it comes with lots of
cool poses inside and you can change textures too. but this pose
doesn’t makes part of the mini room but its from their new AO.


pants: (Milk Motion) My harem pants black
skin: *League* Skin Deeptan -Misty- Natural
top: [SG*] Happy Mania – Green
shoes: AOHARU_WALK_CrossLacedUpHeels_Black
hair: Maitreya Moon – Coffee
eyes: pc eyes by LL – night rain
head jewel: Zaara : Nizam Head jewel *white*
bangles: zaara: ZC : Suvarna bangles-color  (bangles)L


legging: (part of) “anuenue.Loose HalfPants Inner(beige)
hair: (Dernier Cri) Michelle – Brown Shades
pants: (Milk Motion) My harem pants blue
skin: *League* Skin Deeptan -Misty- Natural
armwarmer: *Punch Drunk*Tink Rocker Fishnet Armwarmers
shirt: [PO] Berkshires Graphic Tee (shirt) – cream
headphone: docomo_headphone_series color_neck(chest) (old gift from a hunt)
eyes: pc eyes by LL – night rain
shoes: PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops MultiColor v2


shoes: – Tesla – High Oxfords *Bronze*
gloves: [LeLutka]-Gloves BLACK
cigarette: *~M’n B~* MenBee’S Cigarette
pants: (Milk Motion) My harem pants black
hair w/hat: *ARGRACE* ~ Fedora Hat “Glamorous wavy” ~ (Light brown)
skin: *League* Skin Deeptan -Misty- Natural
bag: +plus *Rock Clutch* in Black
shirt: [SG*] Herangsa – Cream
eyes: pc eyes by LL – night rain
socks: Pig – Socks Mit Suspenders Black
tie: {SMS} Pearl Tie Black

18 Comments leave one →
  1. Vick Spitteler permalink
    07/30/2009 2:22 PM

    Nossa que looks lindos, amei as skin, não te conheço mas já sou sua fã 😉

  2. 07/30/2009 3:24 PM

    zomg nina! You super woman… you blow me away with the length of this post and the quality and thought put into each and every outfit. I love them all! ❤

    • 07/31/2009 2:19 PM

      thank you Tomomo!!! ❤
      i was organizing my blog folder when i found some unposted outfits and i went all "wth"!!! and i have much more to blog O_o

  3. Katerina Lytton permalink
    07/30/2009 4:01 PM

    Awesome post!!! I love all looks.

    Hey i was wondering if you have a slurl or the lm for ~Street Magic~ ?

  4. 07/30/2009 5:19 PM

    I am so in love with the second look (or the first if we don’t count the bikini one). Love the work on layers and how it looks perfect together.
    There’s really nothing to add about your work on pics, always flawless.

    • 07/31/2009 2:24 PM

      oh im glad you like it!! =D (the first one was only to show better the skin and hair! =D )
      when most ppl thinks about Miel, they are only thinking about cuteness…i was trying something more mature just to show how versatille these pants can be!! and im all crazy about Miel XD
      thank you!

  5. Carolina Sautereau permalink
    07/30/2009 11:52 PM

    Ahhh eu adorei os looks principalmente o ultimo adorei a gravatinha 😀 e aquele parasol japa muitooo bonito!!
    Eu nem preciso dizer q toda vez q leio seus posts acabo gastando hhauhauah
    Bjuuu ❤

    • 07/31/2009 2:26 PM

      nossa, a sombrinha (parasol, guarda-sol ou qq coisa do tipo =p ) comprei tem um tempo e tentando organizar meu inventário acabei achando ela! fiquei mó feliz \o/ ela abre e fecha e tem essa animação de segurar…mas vou ficar feliz mesmo o dia q essas coisas vieram com ao completo…qdo qdo a gente anda o treco vai pra baixo!!

      bjks! ❤

  6. 07/31/2009 12:50 AM

    this is why im loving you 😉
    your whole lookbook is very different each other.
    (mine is soooooo similar lol)
    love the second pic’s look! yay!
    and also…7th pic’s style is just my style <33333333
    love that look!!!
    and love you nina xD

    • 07/31/2009 2:30 PM

      aww i dont think yours are similar, but its your style! and i kinda like it! because i dont have one and sometimes i think this is bad…some ppl can be recognized for their styles and stuff, me not..its like a signature!!

      thank you lil New ❤

  7. 07/31/2009 8:22 AM

    Love the looks, great use of the AO & the MiniRoom x

  8. 08/03/2009 10:59 AM

    cool 🙂
    my fav is the last style, with tie by Irie.
    ps: u make really amazing pics.


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