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Coffee Shops & Canals


Have you ever been to Amsterdam? I love the atmosphere…the people…the canals everywhere (hey and I am from Venice/Italy, much canals here too lol) aaand they have coffee shops! (no need to say that they don’t sell COFFEE, true?!)  😀

Hello again! 🙂

Hmm..let me shortly explain the first pic and my expression. I am trying to stop smoking in RL, not much successful (quote Nina : YOU WEAK…) but I reduced a lot at least! So what I needed in SL was not just a nice cigarette…nooo!  (hey kids! say NO to drugs , ok?!) I found this very realistic looking joint (TY Gabby! :)) at Northern Lights and doesn’t my expression just tell : Yeah I am smoking…so what?! hahaha

Let me tell you more about my outfits now.

First mix is so so comfortable, I really don’t want to change it in the next days. These pants from Milk Motion not only look soft and perfectly fitting…they are! I have several pants with multiple leg attachments and have to say that these are just awesome made! My top is part from Fishy Strawberry’s latest dress release and adorable also without the skirt.

Up to my next outfit. Wearing new releases from Lelutka hair and Miel’s tubetop. The skirt is part from Phoenix Rising’s outfit called Breezie, and just one of the countless items I bought on their sale! 😀

My last outfit could be what I wear in RL…casual fashion in slim and low waist jeans and a sheer top. The jeans are Coco’s new release, very good textured and available in other colours too. (the red ones were awesome!! …but of course I bought black again *_*)

HOOooo I am done…and just smoked ONE cigarette writing this (I am lying , don’t believe me) :\


Ohhhhh! I just connected IW meanwhile i wrote this and got a HYPERCOOL gift from Bp update group (YAY!!) which I just had to show too!! It’s a wearable toilet, how cool is that?!

(for Nina: Rem the quote in my profile? hehehehe  Now I have a SL toilet too! looool)



pic 1 + 2

Skin – Curio , June II Acorn

Hair – Lelutka , Drew black

Top – Fishy Strawberry , Pivano dress white

Pants – Milk Motion , My Harem Pants black

Scarf – Aoharu , Afghan stole white

Shoes – Kookie , Chic heels ink

Earrings – Shade Throne , Moss

Tattoo – Inflict , Eternity awaits

Bangles – right : Sn@tch , Dragonflies bangles ; left : oOps , blangles from Hello Kitty bag

Bag – Gritty Kitty , Freshman bag


pic 3 + 4

Skin – Curio , June II Acorn

Hair – Lelutka , Kate natural brown

Jacket – Coco , Cardigan lace white

Top – Miel , MO Tubetop toffee

Skirt – Phoenix Rising , part from Breezie outfit

Scarf – Polina Kaestner (P-K) , Carre de soie orange

Belt – Lotta , Fringe Belt black

Shades – Emery , Aviator dark blue

Earrings – Shade Throne , Bamboo gold earrings

Shoes – Shiny Things (ST) , Criss Cross ballet flats beige

Bag – Mirone , Rattan bag dark (normal position : hand)


pic 5 + 6

Skin – Curio , June II Acorn

Hair – Maitreya , Sunday black

Tank – Coco , Tank Top sheer black

Blouse – Aoharu – Flower Chiffon blouse white

Pants – Coco , Slim fit pants black

Shoes – Redgrave , Girl’s Biker boots black

Belt – Lotta , Fringe belt black

Earrings – FabulouS , Stillmatic

Shades – YV , Stella

Scarf – *MW* , bandanna colourscripted (free)

Bag – Lelutka , Love Junky bag grey

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  1. IAMsterdam, lulz permalink
    07/27/2009 5:12 AM

    Yesss, I love Amsterdam and would give almost anything to go back! Great post and outfits!!! *Bookmark* ;D

    • 07/28/2009 7:31 AM

      hey amsterdam!! 😀 let’s meet next time in a coffee shop there!! ty so much for your feedback and bookmark!

  2. 07/27/2009 3:22 PM

    Great post and outfits! And OMG! Your pictures are amazing! I’m glad to find this blog! Ty!

    • 07/28/2009 7:33 AM

      HOOoo Me too I am glad that you found this blog Gabi!! 😀 Thank you for your compliments for my pics , I appreciate so much!

  3. 07/28/2009 1:10 PM

    Angel, I really need to visit Amsterdam, Venice, the Tuscany, OMG! Maybe next year! :o)
    you look gorgeous as always! I was wearing that skirt (in black) saturday! loving it!
    great looks, dear!
    and good luck with the quit-smoking crusade!

    • 08/03/2009 3:37 PM

      Oh lucy you MUST visit Europe! sooo much nice places!!
      hahahaha and TY for the wishes for my smoking crusade…it’s a really hard battle!!

  4. 07/30/2009 2:04 PM


  5. 08/03/2009 10:58 AM

    First style & first pic is just amazing. Love your style Angel :))))


    ps: and i love these earrings by Undo also 🙂

    • 08/03/2009 3:41 PM

      Linka!!!! Thank so much…yeah..first style is just my preferred too…i love to look a bit “fucked up” lolololol

      kisssss!! 🙂


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