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Ascot & London Town


When I was a schoolgirl (looooong time ago hehehe) I had 2 after school jobs. I worked as a waitress in two completely different places…one was a punk pub the other one an elegant ‘bistrot’ or cafe. Obviously I had to be dressed appropriate for both of them but was without means!

Solution? Mixing the same outfit with different trend accessories…changing make up…using different hairstyling! 😀

Today I did this in SL too, base was a really elegant satin dress with a  Hermès styling print.

On my first 2 pictures you see the elegant version with new LAMB hair release, perfect for a summer afternoon at Royal Ascot! Ok…my hat isn’t that huge! lol

Second look is the compleeeeete opposite… a punk chic version – yay!

The hairstyle is also from the hair fair and i love love love this! The pink part is changeable and I can chose between 5 neon colours.

Then adding much much accessories like 2 belts, 2 necklaces (I love “where else-can-I-attach-challenges” lol) and gloves.

As always…I hope you like!! ❤


pic 1+2

Skin – GP Curio, June Acorn

Dress – HL Fashion Design, Ascot

Hair – !Lamb, Dog roses (colour scripted) – hair fair

Shoes – Periquita, Stiletto (colour scripted)

Belt – Maiiki, High waisted white belt (tinted)

Bag – B@r, Clutch

Bangles – right : VG Republic, Resin bangles (colour scripted); left : HoH, Nirvana bangles

pic 3+4

Skin – GP Curio, June Acorn

Hair – A.C.-STD Gloxhair Cheerno Trend colour

Pants – Maiiki, Long leggings

Shoes – SKG, Alina Slingback

Belts – MNK shop, Nikukyu black belt; Mezzo, Heart chain belt gold

Necklaces – Fabulous, gold digger ; NS, Rock’n Rolla chain dollarz

Earrings – Glow studio, All star

Sunglasses – Steinwerk, Aviator (frame and lens scripted)

Tattoo – Canimal, punk tattoo SK8R

Cuff – EJ, Defiant cuff (gift @ à la mode sim)

Nails – Studio nails, French nails (gift from DSN)

Gloves – Digit Darkes, driver gloves

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 07/01/2009 5:03 PM

    oh, this garden is full of flowers!! way better than mine, i only have white flowers! lol
    i looove this dress, never heard about this store before (i think Oo)
    sleep at night is awfull, now i never see you iw =/

  2. 07/01/2009 5:09 PM

    LOOOL nina!!! this “garden” is copy & paste pieces :\ I neeeeeeded YOUR garden!!! way better! has rainbow :O
    ❤ & miss you too!!! bejukos? lol *_*

  3. 07/02/2009 10:28 PM

    Cool idea, I love when fashion magazines do that, they pick a few pieces and mix it creating a lot of different looks!
    The hair is awesome! Love your post!


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