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The Actor & The Showgirl


Uhhh..I created a real set this time…that was fun!

Last week I won a skybox on SMOTD’s lucky board “100-persons-have-to-click-within-midnight-and-win-something”-THING (if anyone knows how these are called..PLEASE tell me!! lol). Once rezzed the skybox I put YIP’s amazing Magic Saw Box, carpets, JOJO RUNO’s freebie frame and YIP’s Bird Table in it. Perfect athmosphere for my actor and his showgirl! 🙂

First outfit was mostly composed of men clothes as LELUTKA’s Mr. Smith’s pants, the belt from REDGRAVE and the hair with hunting cap from ARGRACE. The cap is colour scripted and I saw also female hair versions instore, I just chosed the shortest … Of course I had to wear a tie and discovered that i have more than 4 ties in my inventory! Also the dark (!) cigarette is from a man store called GENTLEMAN where I found also cool cigars…all their smokers stuff is scripted as I can chose where the smoke should come out and how! It’s so cool to smoke rings! I cant do that in RL!! Other details here are the Charlie (Chaplin) eyebrows and charlie stick from YIP, these both accessories were the starting point of my post! LOL

This handsome obviously need an original showgirl! 🙂 Inspired again by the old black and white films I put all glamour I have. The hair is so ultra oxygene blonde 🙂 and absolutely real looking! There are 3 beautiful tones at REDGRAVE, blonde, lightbrown and brown.

Also the dress is REDGRAVE combined with my latest jewel fave store , SHADE THRONE! They have sooo huuuge necklaces, I just love! Even the gold tone of the necklace is fitting…old redgold 😀

My shoes are new at PERIQUITAS, high heels round shaped, colour scripted and heel point options! Beautiful!

That’s it for now…I hope you all like! ❤

* credits *

pic 1 + 2

Skin – Curio Acorn June

Vest – Gisaci Cambridge knit vest

Jacket – Armidi classic pinstripe blazer

Pants – Lelutka Mr. Smith (modded)

Hair – Argrace Hunting

Gloves – Domoco full finger

Tie – Boa Creations black tie

Belt – Redgrave asymetric belt

Shoes – J’s real toe ancle sandals

Earrings – Shade Throne over drama

Cigarette – Gentleman napalm

Eyebrows, Stick + Saw Box – Yip (free)

pic 3 + 4

Skin – Curio Acorn June

Hair – Redgrave Sakura curl

Dress – Redgrave (includes neckpiece)

Shoes – Periquita

Earrings – +Plus black pearl earrings

Necklace – Shade Throne

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  1. Celeste Jetcity permalink
    06/12/2009 8:32 AM

    “100-persons-have-to-click-within-midnight-and-win-something”-THING (if anyone knows how these are called..PLEASE tell me!! lol) = Midnight Mania!!! 🙂

    • 06/12/2009 1:32 PM

      Weeee Celeste!! LOL yess! I got it at midnight mania … but what’s the name of these kind of lucky boards? I never saw them elsewhere but coooool! 😀
      *edit* yessssss these thingies are called midnight mania …not the sim as i thought *__* lol The prize goes to celeste!! ❤

  2. 06/12/2009 12:15 PM

    LOVE the second look!

  3. 06/13/2009 12:19 AM

    yay to prim eyebrows!! \o/
    awesome post angel!!! very glam! \o/

  4. 06/15/2009 10:31 PM

    great work on the set and the looks! she’s a wonderful bombshell!


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