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….isn’t it funny ? I didn’t even had to think of a title for this post as the pose from my second pic is called HELLO (Cyanide)…it fits so well! LOL

I am Angelllina and soooo excited to blog here now! I like to thank Nina and Lucyann for this warm welcome and opportunity! Love your styles!

Part of my outfit was already presented by nina (obviously I am talking of the Admiral jacket from Milk motion) but as i am joining too the flickr challenge I like to show you my composition! I hope you like it!


Skin – RockBerry , Uma

Hair – The Abyss , Dystopia

Jacket – Milk motion , my admiral

Skirt – LBD , La vie en fleur

Shoes – Bax , ancle boots

Earrings – Casa del Shai

Necklace – Maehongson , neck rings

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  1. 05/22/2009 1:43 PM

    oh boy!
    these pis are STUNNING…i already told you!
    they are so fashianable! like editorial shots! =D
    i love the way you put this together and it doesnt look simple ¬¬
    welcome and ty for posting =p

  2. 05/22/2009 1:46 PM

    oh i almost forgot!! you did right with the links and stuff! ahaahh

  3. 05/22/2009 8:25 PM

    You’re welcome!!!
    WOW, Angellina that’s a great first post! I am ashamed of my pics now!
    This jacket deserves to be blogged again, it’s so cute! And it’s a totally new combination! I love it!

  4. 05/24/2009 11:35 PM

    ekhm , why iam here first time?
    btw great look

  5. 05/25/2009 11:17 AM

    i wasnt here first time yesterday. Iam stupid lol.
    I know this blog very well
    hehehe. I have to sleep a little more than 4 hours per day ;/

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