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not that random groom



here i am one more time!

i was about to post another outfit when my dear friend Angelllina Tadeschi posted this: on her blog (she’s a black girl who wears black clothes most of times and her self challenge is to dress cool outfits in white color) and i though “oh that’s an awesome idea”  but i don’t want to be a bride…i wanna be the GROOM! loooooool

In fact this will came when i saw Maitreya’s new highwaisted skirt without the skirt layer (i always put the skirt before the pants =/ my bad)..OMG the textures are so perfect!! and it can be used perfectly as capris!! isn’t that cool?? (duh, i am retarded)

I am a black&white clothes addicted even in Sl, i have lots of white shirts and no matter if i am wearing a colorful outfit i must wear a white shirt with! so i added one of the most amazing new realeases from Zaara (i love her textures, one of the most well done clothes of  sl for sure), Isis shirt!

not less important and one of my most beloved item in my inventory is the Armidi’s blazer in charcoal ❤

the final touch are the gloves (in lace to add a delicate thing in my boyish elegant look) and the wonderful Paper couture feather mask (to match Angel’s feather headband)

I hope you can understand my english well! 😀


skin: Lelutka – london
hair: Madesigns – Akami
eyes: Madesigns – pale brown

blazer: Armidi – Classic Pinstripe Blazer – Charcoal (attached on chest)
skirt: Maitreya – HighSkirt Raven (pants layer + attachment)
gloves: bossa nova – francoise gloves (neige) (i think it’s not avaiable anymore Oo)
shirt: Zaara – Isis Shirt – white

boots: <TheAbyss> – The Catalyst – Black
rose: Attituede – stemmed red rose (hunt gift)
ring: P.C – Times Square Ring
mask: p.c – Striped Feather Mask (freebie)

flowers by Itutu

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 03/11/2009 5:37 PM

    OMG!!!!! i know YOU asked me already…but I want to ask you too… WILL YOU MARRY MEEEEE????
    (hehehehe do you hear already the gossip ’bout us too?! looool)
    LOVE this outfit, you are not retarted (or we both are) because me neither didn’t try the skirt without skirt!!! fantastic idea! now i go and fav your wonderful pic on flickr!

    • 03/24/2009 7:01 PM

      YAY!!!!!!!! let’s get married! hooooooo \o/
      (not yet!!!! plz tell me????? lol)
      thank you for loving my random outfit inspired on you ! \o/

  2. 03/11/2009 9:10 PM

    Totally loving this look Nina!!!

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